I tried a new bread today. For nearly two years I have been selling people these little miniature loafs of bread and quite frankly, wondering why anyone would buy them. They looked like some hard dried up little loaf. However, we sell so many of them that I decided I would try to remember to buy one of them one day but forgot over and over. Today I remembered. WOW! I am so glad I only bought one.
These marvelouse little loaves of bread - called GOOD GRAINS are soooo tasty. They are soft and fresh and beyond good. Neat little breads to place beside each place setting if you have guests over. Go to your local Save On More Store and buy one - buy a dozen. As I said - if I had bought more - I would have eaten more. I'm sure they are very healthy as long as you have one but unless you are a much bigger person then me - one will do it.
Anyone else have some favourites?