What's Trump Done Now?

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Cliffy being critical of any other person is a fine example of the filthy pot calling the kettle a dirty black mess!

Hes into miro dosing psilocybin and it shows.
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Hes into miro dosing psilocybin and it shows.

What I like about Cliffy is he just plods along, takes no ones bait, rarely, if ever, insults other members.
Trump Defends Firing ‘Terrible’ Intel IG: ‘He’s A Total Disgrace’

Good on Trump.
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Reaction to the firing of Capt. Crozier and then the acting Sec. of the Navy visiting the USS Theodore Roosevelt:

Jim Wright 3 hrs

The Acting Secretary of the Navy, Thomas Modly -- whose sum total qualification for his job was that he was once a junior helicopter pilot who became an investment banker and Trump campaign donor -- visited the USS Theodore Roosevelt this morning and chasitized the crew over the ship's announcing system.
He called Captain Crozier "too stupid or too naive to be a commanding officer of a ship like this."
That's right. The US Navy Secretary, told the crew of a stricken warship that their Commanding Officer -- and you'd have to understand the DECADES of work, experience, education, and determination it takes to become the Commanding Officer of a US Navy Aircraft Carrier -- was too stupid and too naive to be their Commanding Officer.
Too stupid and too naive, because he stood up for them.
Modly literally made that announcement over the ship's 1MC (the general announcing system) to the very crew who Crozier had sacrificed his career for.
I can't imagine the staggering arrogance it takes to do something like this.
Modly went on to say Captain Crozier had somehow betrayed not only the Trump Administration, and Modly personally, but also them, the crew.
Modly: “So think about that when you cheer the man off the ship who exposed you to that. I understand you love the guy. It’s good that you love him. But you’re not required to love him.”
Can you imagine saying THAT to the crew of a warship whose Captain sacrificed his career for their lives?
This is the epitome of the Trump Administration, of modern Republicanism, right here. The staggering arrogance of unqualified fools.
Modly was especially outraged the media reported Captain Crozier's concerns to the American people -- and his comments DIRECTLY implied the Trump Administration's repeated message that the media -- one of the very institutions called out BY NAME in the US Constitution and thus the very thing those Sailors are sworn to defend with their lives -- is the enemy of America.
Modly: "Crew of the Teddy Roosevelt. you are no obligation to love your leadership, only to respect it. You are under no obligation to like your job, only to do it. You are under no obligation, you are under no obligation, to expect anything from leaders other than they will treat you fairly and put the mission of the ship first. Because it is the mission of the ship that matters."
And there it is.
THERE it is.
Right there.
Exactly as I told you, in his own words.
YOU don't matter.
YOU shouldn't expect anything from your leaders.
The MISSION comes first.
And the mission is to die heroically and not make the civilians look bad.
I ****ing told you.
On the deckplates -- and whatever the proper term is in the other services -- sure, the NCOs and the Officers might put their people first. That's what we tell ourselves, anyway. But once you get to the Pentagon, once you get to the politicians in charge, PEOPLE. DO. NOT. MATTER.
They can always get more people.
If people actually mattered, there wouldn't be a black marble wall stretching across the Washington Mall with 58,000 names on it -- lost to political adventurism and the folly of rich think-tank whiz kids who believed that war was about spreadsheets and were willing to throw just as many American bodies at it as was necessary to prove the size of their president's dick.
I ****ing TOLD you so.
And there it is in Modly's own words. You don't have to like it. You just have to do it. And don't expect anything from your leaders, because we don't owe you anything.
But, even that bit about the mission coming first is a lie.
What comes FIRST, is politics.
That's Modly's complaint in his own words. You made me look bad. You made the Navy look bad. You made Trump look bad. And for that, you'll pay.
Modly: "I cannot control or attempt to change whatever anger you have with for relieving your beloved CO. If I could offer you a glimpse of the level of hatred and pure evil that has been thrown my way, my family's way over this decision, I would."
Predictable as clockwork.
YOU should die without complaint.
ME, well, man, you don't know how hard I got it.
Modly, telling the crew of a sticken warship, men and women that may die due to failures of Modly's own leadership, that he, Modly, is the real victim. They should feel sorry for him, you see. He's getting some hate mail. People are saying mean things about him. That's way worse than dying of some disease.
"It's not about me," Modly continued. Oh, really? Then why bring it up? Those sailors, Captain Crozier (who has himself now tested positive for the virus), THEY all have families too. But Modly didn't mention THEM. Just himself.
And just in case you doubt me, case you doubt this was nothing more than a campaign stop, Modly continued: "The former Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, suggested just yesterday that my decision was criminal. I assure you that it was not."
It's not about politics, but lemme just get in a dig about Trump's chief political rival. Sure. Totally not about politics though.
Modly finished with: "I understand that you may be angry with me for the rest of your lives. I guarantee that you won't be alone. Being angry is not your duty. Your duty is to each other, to this ship, and to the nation that built it for you to protect them."
Your duty is to each other -- well, okay, maybe not EVERYBODY on the ship. You duty isn't to the Captain who felt HIS duty was to YOU first and foremost. No. Not that. But, you know, to each other, sure, so long as the other guy doesn't make Trump look bad. We good? Okay.
Your duty is to the nation, right? So long as you don't embarrass that nation by dying publically, because then **** you.
Alfred, Lord Tennyson, had it right all those years ago. Yours is not to reason why, yours is to but do and die.
Into the Valley of Death.
And THAT is the only truth of military service.

If you are pro Trump, you are NOT pro-military, never were, and you can fuk right off saying it.
You're pro military?

I have serious doubts about that.
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Captain Trump of the RMS Titanic here. There isn't any iceberg. There was an iceberg but it's in a totally different ocean. The iceberg is in this ocean but it will melt very soon. There is an iceberg but we didn't hit the iceberg. We hit the iceberg, but the damage will be repaired very shortly.
The iceberg is a Chinese iceberg. We are taking on water but every passenger who wants a lifeboat can get a lifeboat, and they are beautiful lifeboats.
Look, passengers need to ask nicely for the lifeboats if they want them. We don't have any lifeboats, we're not lifeboat distributors. Passengers should have planned for icebergs and brought their own lifeboats.
I really don't think we need that many lifeboats. We have lifeboats and they're supposed to be our lifeboats, not the passengers' lifeboats. The lifeboats were left on shore by the last captain of this ship.
Nobody could have foreseen the iceberg.

Good analogy.
Soooo much T D S in this thread