Hong Kong peeping Tom who fell 10 floors spared jail

Hong Kong peeping Tom who fell 10 floors spared jail
China National News
Wednesday 26th November, 2008

A peeping Tom who fell 10 floors from the window ledge of a high-rise apartment block while filming a woman in a shower has been spared a jail term, a news report here said Wednesday.

Fong Chi-hung, 44, appeared in court heavily bandaged, in a wheelchair and wearing a neck brace Tuesday, five months after being critically injured in the fall.

He had been perched on a window ledge and was using his mobile phone to film a 28-year-old woman when she spotted him and shouted for her husband.

Fong, who had broken into a vacant neighbouring flat before spying on the woman, fell from the window ledge and survived when a tree broke his fall, the South China Morning Post reported.

At a hearing in Hong Kong's Tuen Mun court Tuesday, Fong confessed to burglary, saying he had broken into the empty flat to look for items to steal. He was given a six-month jail term, suspended for two years.

Magistrate Stephen Smout said he had taken into account Fong's remorse as well as the serious injuries he suffered.
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