Driving more?

CBC News
Yesterday, it only cost $60 to fill up a minivan in Toronto.

Now that gas prices have taken a nose dive, will you drive more? Did you drive less when gas was more expensive?

lone wolf
I don't have a choice. There is no public transit in the boonies.
No, I can't really drive less than what I have to in the normal course of a week. What I did do though, is trade in my beloved soccer-mom van for a little go-cart (aka Cavalier).

I try to console myself knowing I've done a good thing for the environment... but DAMNNNNN...I miss my l'il van.

I got away with more no-no's driving that thing... I swear it's like a cloak of invisibility for us soccer-moms.
lone wolf
I went F 150 to Toyota Tercel. Once I got used to the idea that I wasn't actually dragging my ass on asphalt, the toy's fun - at a tenth the operating cost.
Looks like I'll be driving the 3/4 ton for a brief bit, so, no, I won't be driving more, because no matter how much it costs to gas a minivan, that thing's a hog.

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