Celts come mainly from Spain (Celts In Spain)

The Celtic British (Scots, Welsh, and Irish) are the descendants of a tribe of Spanish fishermen.

So it's not just the English - who are the descendants of Germans, Danes and Frisians - who are foreigners to these islands.

Ancient Britons come mainly from Spain

20th September 2006

Ola! Celtic Britons have Spanish descendants

Scientists have discovered the British are descended from a tribe of Spanish fishermen. DNA analysis has found the Celts Britain's indigenous population have an almost identical genetic "fingerprint" to a tribe of Iberians from the coastal regions of Spain who crossed the Bay of Biscay almost 6,000 years ago.

People of Celtic ancestry were thought to have descended from tribes of central Europe. But Bryan Sykes, professor of human genetics at Oxford University, said: "About 6,000 years ago Iberians developed ocean-going boats that enabled them to push up the Channel.

"Before they arrived, there were some human inhabitants of Britain, but only a few thousand. These people were later subsumed into a larger Celtic tribe... the majority of people in the British Isles are actually descended from the Spanish."

A team led by Professor Sykes who is soon to publish the first DNA map of the British Isles spent five years taking DNA samples from 10,000 volunteers in Britain and Ireland, in an effort to produce a map of our genetic roots.

The most common genetic fingerprint belongs to the Celtic clan, which Professor Sykes has called "Oisin". After that, the next most widespread originally belonged to tribes of Danish and Norse Vikings. Small numbers of today's Britons are also descended from north African, Middle Eastern and Roman clans.

These DNA fingerprints have enabled Professor Sykes to create the first genetic maps of the British Isles, which are analysed in his book Blood Of The Isles, published this week. The maps show that Celts are most dominant in Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

But the Celtic clan is also strongly represented elsewhere in the British Isles. "Although Celts have previously thought of themselves as being genetically different from the English, this is emphatically not the case," said Professor.

No surprise as Galicia is noted as the Celtic region of Spain.
That's not really suprising, if you've ever met a welshman before you'd notice the similarities, for example the jet black hair and the ever-so-slightly darker skin (well look at Tom Jones!!! lol) but I actually know a welshman who'd not look a miss in spain and vice-versa
I'm half Scots and I could pass for a Spanish Senorita, well only in the Summer.
The celts once dominated much of Europe, so I wouldn't be surprised if many of the celtic tribes/clans anywhere left in the world come from any part of Europe. One only has to have a basic understanding of history to know this. Why do you think the early Roman Republic faught the celts in Northern Italy so early! Celtic tribes/clans where know to be as far east as Turcky.

BlackLeaf, you wish to know how different the celts are, listen to some Irish gauelic being spoken. I'm a celtic nationalist but I still think it sounds like complete gibberish to me. It has no root in either Germanic or the Latin tongues.
BTW I'm not surprised at the slightist of the Pro-Ultra nationalistic Blackleaf making this post. I'm just surprised he didn't sneak in a punch at the French.

*shrugs* doesn't matter since 99% of his posts are written by someone else. I should just copy and paste newspaper clippings as well.
also the languages are related. spanish ll sounds like a y in the middle of a word. the welsh also have a soft ll, admittedly not quite the same but obviously it fits in the same places and it doesnt take much of a leap of the imagination to switch one sound for the other

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