need some recs for a new (Fido) phone

I have the Sony Ericsson T237. Nothing but problems, I am on my 3rd warranty. Of course the first time I had a problem and it was under warranty, they replaced it with an OTC phone, as they call it (I guess it's a refurbished phone). Two months later, that one went and of course they replaced it with another OTC phone - the one have now. That one lasted four days until it had a problem. Now my warranty JUST ended, so there is nothing they can do.

Do all cell phone companies replacephones with crap, too...or just FIDO? What's the point of a warranty if they just replace your phone with crap.

Anyway, I'd like to jus bite the bullet and buy a new one. Any suggestions? I don't need all the bells a and whistles, just a good phone.
get yourself a sonyericsson well.. anything except the T237 or K300.


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