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The Honourable Anita Neville , P.C. , M.P. , the Member for Winnipeg South Centre and the Indian Affairs Critic for Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition , is demanding that the present Government of Canada honour the agreement reached between Church leaders, the Assembly of First Nations and the previous Government of Canada immediately. The agreement would have given former students up to eight thousand dollars (CAD$8 000) each, as compensation for the horrendous residential school system.

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Hon. Anita Neville[/color], P.C., M.P.,]Instead of the minister responsible for the file the only person from the Harper government talking about the issue is Indian and Northern Affairs Jim Prentice, and he can't keep his story straight," said Ms. Neville. "First he said that the payments could not be made because his government was reviewing the Residential Schools Agreement, then he blamed a legal firm for dragging its feet. Now he says the payments can't be made until there is a final agreement."

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How many students were affected by the residential school system?
I think the Victims of Residential Schools should be afforded closer. I have no idea what Harper thinks on any subject outside of his Five campaign issues, he's not exactly open to the public or the media.
According to Indian Residential Schools Resolution Canada , there are approximately eighty six thousand (86 000)¹ persons alive today who had attended these institutions. Of those, only approximately thirteen thousand six hundred (13 600) have expressly requested compensation from the Government of Canada .

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I don't know about this commitment. That's about $110 million were going to hand out.
I watched a two hour documentry done by CBC on the Victims of Residential Schools and it was very moving. What was done in the past to the Native's Culture is criminal or should be.
However, if the Government of Canada were to decide to terminate the agreement without issuing any compensation, they could be decimated for having been perceived as "uncaring" toward our First Nations citizens. I would suggest that the present Government needs to be quite careful, in terms of how it proceeds.

However, I would be in favour of honouring the agreement.

I would assert that this is more about the honour of the Crown (and therefore a reflection of our own honour, as citizens of this nation), than it is about the budget. This should, in my opinion, be a key priority for the Government (and I was quite surprised, to be honest, when it wasn't mentioned in the Speech from the Throne some weeks ago).
I agree one hundred percent with you Five, Harper should honor the agreement.
I hear lawyers have pissed away more money than you can shake a stick at on this issue. Getting paid hundreds of dollars to argue about whether some old lady should get a few pennies in compensation or not. It's a scam for bureaucrats and the like at the expense of natives. Get them the money so we can stop arguing about it and be done with crop natives.
Cash crop natives? WTF does that mean? Native people represent the poorest segment of the population.

In my not-so-humble opinion, no amount of money will ever repair the damage that the residential school system inflicted on the native population. The aftershocks reverberate through the generations to this day. 8 grand to the few remaining survivors is a freaking bargain.

How do you put a price on the loss of language and culture to a nation that once thrived?
Quote: Originally Posted by Laika

Cash crop natives? WTF does that mean?

Quote: Originally Posted by Jay

Getting paid hundreds of dollars to argue about whether some old lady should get a few pennies in compensation or not. It's a scam...

I agree with your statement that you can't put a price on culture, but were giving $8000 to about 14000 people. That will equal to over $100 million. That's alot of money to be dishing out.
And the longer we argue and complain about it, the fewer remaining survivors we have to pay. Genius. We gave you the most beautiful country on the planet and you are complaining about $100 million?

I would settle for a reverse trade (we take the land back, you can keep ALL the money) if the terms of the settlement are not satisfactory.

<eye rolling thingy here, i dont know the code >
You can't take all the land back. You can't just throw 32 million people out of a country. The best thing we can do is sit down with the First Peoples and make a deal and give them a formal apology.
The best thing we can do is understand that what happened has and continues to have drastic consequences that no apology can assuage. If you think the damage done ends with those 13,600 people you are mistaken. Take a look on any reserve. Take a walk down Hastings.

Again, 8 grand is a bargain. A joke, but a bargain.

Why is it so hard keep agreements/settlements with First Nations?
Because the people running the government are idiots.
You're right. If they were smart they would cut and run on the 8 grand now and never mention it again.
Are you aboriginal?
Laika, I couldn't agree with you more..... any dollar amount is gonna be a bargain to be sure. I see the ripples of effect our ancestor's actions have had on the Native Peoples of this nation. It's the same story in every country that was ever colonized. All Aboriginal Peoples have been treated terribly. I could launch into one of my anti-religion rants right here, 'cause that was the driving force behind the Residential Schools fiasco. but I won't...
The thing is, I don't honestly think a dollar figure is going to quite cut it to repair the damage. It would be great to see something figured out that would make inroads in the process of rebuilding the loss of dignity and resources the Native Peoples and their culture have endured... nice for them, and nice for us to finally be able to quell the ripples... and the bleeding out of money at the problem that isn't really solving anything.
I like your idea Laika of taking back the country. But, since I am white, I might be homeless.

However, it doesn't matter if you are aboriginal or not, 8,000 per person is cheap. I am surprised and I would have expected a bigger settlement for this total attempt to annihalate Aboriginal culture.

The government should pay.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zan

I could launch into one of my anti-religion rants right here, 'cause that was the driving force behind the Residential Schools fiasco. but I won't...

I used to feel that way too, and for me it was very personal. But, I have come to forgive the churches for their involvement, because I understand now that they thought what they were doing was right, that they were doing God's work.

Sure there were some missionaries that just wanted to harm people, but I like to think that for the most part they were good, they just came from a different mindset that their way was right even for us. I like to think that if those nuns and priests (the good ones) knew the repercussions of their actions they would not have participated in the process.

The government, however, gets no pass here. They willfully and purposely used the missionaries to expunge the country of the so-called "Indian Problem". They tried to kill us all off and, by god, they nearly succeeded. I am not a religious person but I thank the Creator everyday for the blessing of life, family, and home. It's a good generation to be alive.
oh yeah! ya got that right.... I'd probably have been burned at the stake..... lollllll
I fully agree with fast tracking the residential school payments. The governments record on resolving these claims was abysmal: it would have taken 100 years to settle all these claims under the old system and only the lawyers would have benefitted (I believe that of the entire cost of the claims process, some 90% + went to legal fees as opposed to actual settlement payments).
Quote: Originally Posted by Laika

You're right. If they were smart they would cut and run on the 8 grand now and never mention it again.

That's you think natives will never mention it again though?
I can't speak for all, but this one certainly will not. I may not be a victim of the Residential school system directly, but indirectly it has affected my life in ways I cannot even fully express.

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