Yay..i got a new cell phone.

So i called and cancelled my contract..it was almost a little tooo easy..so ill wait for Bell to screw up again...ill wait for that other shoe to drop. I think he just said ok that easy cuz when he asked why i was cancelling, i gave him an earful.

So than i went to Rogers. Not only are they giving me a 50.00 credit for changing over from Bell, but the package they offered me was even better than i thought Rogers offered. I was kinda shocked actually. I thought Rogers was perhaps not as competetive in their packaging as say bell or telus. But when you ask, they will tell you @packages that they don't advertise.

So yah, im thrilled to bits. I got a Motorola Razer V3 in black. I love it. I can actually USE MY PHONE in my house. I live in a basement suite and i couldnt use my old phone from bell..and audiovox.

And i can use it in my neighbourhood. Imagine that....
good stuff

Good for you...keep an eye on Bell. Make sure they don't tack on some hidden charges.
Be ready for some of Rogers "creative" billing practices: like taking the monthly amount from your bank account and sending you past due notices.
congratulations! rogers billing is a bit wierd to understand(sometimes customer service doesnt even know!) but I havent had a problem with pass due inovices.
Actually, I don't find Rogers' bills messed up, maybe I've been facing it for more than 6 years now.

But yesterday I was helping a customer to analyze their usage, he is using Telus, and want to switch to Rogers. And let me tell ya... OMFG, I couldn't understand a thing on the bill.

On the detail page, at the top, it will tells you what are the following numbers. So I started to read ... I first saw, "Minutes included" so I was like.. okay.. and the next comes after "Free Minutes".. I was WTF? What is the different between "Minutes Included" and "Free minutes"? The funniest part is.. there's a charge for overusage at the bottom of "Minutes Included"

Anyway, so I go on browsing on the same invoice... I saw System access fee.. Yea.. i know that fee.. and then few lines after "Network Maintenance fee ---- $60" and "Other fees ---- $25"

OKAY... Where the hell did they pull out a Network Maintenance fee?? What the hell is "Other Fees"?

Oh my.. I'm feeling that I work for Rogers.. lol


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