Say to them

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(10. Say, [Mohammed, to My servants] :

"My servants who believe, ward off [the punishment of] your Lord
a .
There will for those who do good [to the weak and ill] in this [life of the] World be good [consequence in this life of the World]
b ,
and God's earth is wide
c .
Surely those that are patient [seeking after the good pleasure of God], will be paid [in the Next Life] their wages in full without restriction."

11. Say [Mohammed to them] : I have been commanded only to worship God [alone], exclusively devoting d for Him my religion [: my obedience.]

12. “And I have been commanded to be the first one to submit myself [to His obedience and comply with His religion.]”

13. Say: "I fear, if I rebel against my Lord e , the retribution of a mighty [Dooms] Day.

14. Say: It is God That I do worship: exclusively devoting my “obedience and submission” to Him [alone, and not to anyone else.]

15. So worship whatever you [associaters and idolaters] like apart from Him [and you will then lose.]
Say [to them] : the losers are in fact those who [will] lose their own souls and their families on Doomsday.
Most certainly, this is the real loss [because they will lose Paradise and substitute it with Fire.]

16. They will have over them coverings of the fire [smoke and gases], and under them similar coverings [of smoke and gases.] f
With this [doom] does God frighten His servants: "O My servants, so fear you Me [and don’t disobey Me]!”

17. Those who eschew the arrogant [chiefs and leaders], and do not serve them g , and turn to God [in repentance h ] – for them is good news i :
So [O Mohammed] announce the good news to My servants.

18. [Those] who listen to [God's] word [included in the heavenly books] and follow the best of that [: which is the Quran.] j
Those are they whom God has guided k ; such are the men of understanding.)
.................................................. .....................................

[The above is the meaning of the Quran 39: 10-18]

10 a Concerning the weak and the ill that cannot emigrate to Medina, and so carry them with you and be kind to them.

10 b It means: Anyone does kindness to a weak man in the time of prosperity, God will prepare for him someone to be kind to him in the time of distress;
and who feeds a starving man in the time of fertility, God will prepare for him someone to feed him in the time of drought;
and who, in the time of his youth, carries out the need of a man, God will prepare for him someone to carry out his need in the time of his elderly.

10 c So emigrate to a land the people of which do not prevent you from worshiping God.

11 d i.e. I do not associate anyone in worshiping Him.

13 e Concerning that to which you invite me.

16 f The meaning: The smoke surrounds them from every side.

17 g And do not listen to their words, but they forsake them.

17 h And together with God’s messenger, they submit themselves to God and become Muslims.

17 i Of the prosperity in Paradise.

18 j It means: they listen to the heavenly books rehearsed to them, and they follow the best one among these books, which is the Quran.

The indication of this is His saying – be glorified – in the same soora or chapter 39: 55, which means:
(And follow [the Quran which is] the best of the [heavenly books] revealed to you from your Lord.)

In addition to that God – be glorified – said also in the Quran 39: 23, which means:
(God has revealed the best story: a book [: the Quran] similar [to the relation or stories of the Torah.])

18 k To the way of the truth.
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Here is the recitation of these great ayat of the Quran:
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In fact, such ayat are the best proof of the truthfulness of Prophet Mohammed - salam to him.

1- How can any prophet be, other than that the prophet should preach the 'exclusive devotion to God alone' without associate, peer, son or daughter, parents or peer: God is the Eternal.

2- Show me any prophet now invites people to worship God alone, other than Prophet Mohammed and the Quran..

because all the other religions invite people to the idolatry and associating others with God, like the Christ, or religions that deny the Christ and Prophet Mohammed.

3- These ayat and many others start by the word "say" or tell people, Mohammed, about God's religion
some may object to this, but I ask: How will God command His messenger or apostle, but only to say to him: Say or tell people so and so.

4- The preaching of Prophet Mohammed and the Quran is similar to the 'exclusive devotion' in the Torah or the Bible: the Old Testament. e_Bible
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This is in the Quran 13: 15, which means:
(His [preaching] a is the preaching of truth b;
but those who call to other than Him c , they answer them not at all)
.................................................. ............................

15 a It means: The preaching to God alone is the preaching of truth.

15 b It means: The one who invites people to God alone, and forbids the worshiping of idols, then his invitation is an invitation of truth, and he is correct in his inviting [others to God], and if he asks his need from God, He will answer him.

15 c i.e. those who invite people to worship the idols, and they ask their needs from the idols.
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When the Jew Abd-Allah son of Salam and his Jewish group converted, he admitted that the 'exclusive devotion to God alone' in the Quran is similar to the 'exclusive devotion to God alone' in the Torah (the Old Testament):

This has been mentioned at least twice in the Quran 46: 10, which means:
(Say, [Mohammed, to them]: "Tell me your opinion: What if the [Quran] is from God, and you disbelieve in it [: what will your outcome be in the Next Life, before God?]

Moreover, a witness [: Abdullah, the son of Salam] out of the Children of Israel testifies [for you] to the similarity of the [Quran teachings to the teachings of the Torah of Moses]; so [the witness] believed, whereas you waxed proud [over Our messenger];

surely, God guides not [to the way of the truth] the wrong-doing people."
More explanation in the link:

Moreover, this has also been revealed in the Quran 28: 52-53, which means:
(52. Those [Jews and Christians who converted] to whom We gave the Book a before the Qur'an - they do believe in it.

53. And when the [Quran] is rehearsed to them, they say: "We believe in it; it is the truth from our Lord; indeed we have been submissive [to God alone] from before this [Quran.]")
More explanation of these ayat by the Quran interpreter Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly (died in the year 1991)
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The following is in the Gospel according to Mark 12: 32
There is One God and there is no other besides Him.

Mecca without Kaaba?

The etcher Gaspart Bouttats (1640-1695) lived in Antwerp. The Antwerp based publisher Jacques Peeters published in about 1690 a series of prints related to the Habsburg-Ottoman war (1683-1699) and the Ottoman Empire, with etchings by Gaspart Bouttats. This is the etching of Mecca.

The caption mentions: "A The tomb of Mahomet; B The place of washing; C The mosk where the thanksgiving is done and where some priests have their eyes cared for; D A caravan coming from Constantinople".

The artist has not been there. Sure, this is not a photograph. But the artist and the editor must have done some research, or must have interviewed people who had been there. Nevertheless, there is no Kaaba on this image. Typically, I do not find other views of Mecca dating from the 17th century. The absence of the Kaaba and the strange mosk functioning also as an eye clinic for priests, is the reason why I have put this image in my collections. Mecca without Kaaba?

On the other hand, Olfert Dapper in his "Nauwkeurige beschryving van Asie" ("Accurate description of Asia"), published in 1680 in Amsterdam, does mention the Kaaba as "a chapel in Mecca, the oldest place of veneration in the world, founded by Abraham". He says that in previous times the central cubic tower was surrounded by statues of gods, angels and prophets and also a statue of Abraham with lightnings in his hand. Olfert Dapper confirms the existence of the Kaaba in Mecca in the 17th century, but adds new riddles. Statues of gods, angels and prophets belong to the Ancient World, not to the Islamic Mecca. How does Olfert Dapper in 1680 knows about the Ancient World? About an Abraham who is like Jupiter? Do I have to apply my adjusted view on chronology?
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Anyone writes anything or draws or paints anything, and you accept it?
So any bigot or hater of the Quran comes and says whatever he likes and you take it as certain?

Even Walter and some others here may deny the existence of Mohammed and the existence of the Quran and even the existence of the Arab and the non-Arab altogether; so you receive his word and disregard all the geography and the entire world, only that Walter or any artist did draw such painting or drawing?
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In the Quran, we find this expression which means: "Say [to them, O Mohammed!]" in a large number of the Quran ayat (or revelations).

Which implies that God tells His messenger to say to people so and so, or to answer them by saying to them such words.

Of course, the Quran increases the guidance of believers, and at the same time, it increases the misguidance of disbelievers.

In fact, God revealed the Quran in two categories: the plane ayat, and the riddles or the mysterious ayat .. so God - be glorified - guides many people by the plane ayat and He misguides many people by the riddles or the mysterious ayat.

Quran 2: 26, which mean:
(He misleads many thereby and thereby guides many d;
He misleads only evildoers e thereby.)
.................................................. ................................

26 d Because people are two kinds: righteous and evil-doer:

The righteous has good manners: he is truthful, generous, merciful, compassionate with the needy, and is not proud over the weak. While the evil-doer is the opposite of that: liar, over-proud, wrong-doer, transgressor, slanderer and stingy; and if he does not have all these manners, then at least some of them.

So the righteous will follow the plain ayat of the Quran and will be guided, and leave the ambiguous ayat to God's knowledge; while the evil-doer will leave the plain ayat and object to the ambiguous ayat: and will be misguided by such ayat.

Therefore, as in the aya, many people follow the ambiguous ayat and will be misguided by such ayat, and many people will be guided to the truth by following the plain ayat without resorting to the ambiguous ayat.

26 e who have bad manners.

More explanation is in the link:
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Of course, the atheism has prevailed among many nations, in addition to the mocking of religion... but it does not mean the atheist, Zionist and Satanist are correct, certainly they are wrong... including this magazine and others... they prattle as they like..
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God challenges His creatures to bring about something like the Quran :

[Nadhir son of Harith said: “Had we willed, we could have said something like this Quran!”
Therefore, this aya was revealed in reply to him:]

Quran 17: 88, which means:
(Say [Mohammed, to these associaters or idolaters]: "Even if the whole man-kind and genie-kind were to cooperate together in accordance to produce the like of this Quran [with its fluency, eloquence, telling about the past and foretelling about the future], they could not produce its like, even though they were assistants of each other [for this purpose.]")

Here is the recitation of this wonderful aya:
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