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When I cite the Quran teachings, most Wicked Zionists refuse to listen, and stubbornly insist on their refusal [in a way to suggest to other people to refuse it also.]

One of them said: Why do you keep telling US this?

The answer to such devils among the Wicked Zionists:
I don't intend to oblige you to accept the Quran, and cannot impose it on anyone: I only tell people in general about the warning in the Quran about their atheism and idolatry, therefore, if anyone does not accept it, let him know then it is to tell others and anyone reads and yearns to have knowledge and wisdom.

Because most people keep to their traditions, and they listen to Satan and his suggestions, and listen to their friends who provoke them against God's religion and God's Quran.

This is in the Quran about this:
Quran 43: 23-25, which mean:
(23. And as such [concerning the past nations] We sent not any warner before you [Mohammed] into any city but its luxurious men said:
“We have found our fathers following [the program of] a sect, and we – after them – are following [their same program
k .]”

24. [And the warner] said [to them]: “What! Even if I have brought you a better guidance than that you found your fathers following? l
They said: “Certainly, we disbelieve in the [religion] that you are sent with.”

25. So We exacted retribution against them m [and We destroyed them], then see [Mohammed] what terminal end was of those that denied [the messengers] n)
.................................................. ......................

23 k And we shall not contradict them.

24 l So now follow my way, with which God has sent me, and leave the falsehood way of your fathers.

25 m i.e. the deniers.

25 n Was it anything else than termination and destruction?

This truth has been cited many times in the Quran and in many ayat or revelations.
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Moreover, God revealed to His messenger that he should follow the creed of Prophet Abraham which is the exclusive devotion to God alone without associate or peer, far away from the idolatry or the association with God:

Quran 16: 120-123, which mean:
(120. Surely Abraham was a [guidance] model, devoutly obedient to God, a [monotheist:] Hanief, and he was not one of associaters.

121. Grateful for [God’s] bounties; [God] chose him [for the prophet-hood] and guided him to a right way [of the truth.]

122. And We bestowed on him a blessing in [this life of the] World, and in the Next [World], he is one of the prosperous.

123. Then We revealed to you [Mohammed]: "Follow the religion of Abraham, the Hanief [: the monotheist], who was never one of the associaters.")

More valuable explanation here:
Just more Bullshit

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Disbelievers wrangle about God's revelations so as to disprove the Quran :

Quran 40: 4-6, which means:
(4. None but the disbelievers dispute concerning the revelations of God; so let not their luxurious condition on earth delude you [Mohammed, because all that will disappear and they will die.]

5. Before them did the people of Noah deny [the messenger], as did those after them who rallied [against the messengers of God];
every nation of them intended to overtake their messenger [with hurting, killing or exiling],
and they wrangled by means of falsehood to refute thereby the truth;
so I overtook them [with destruction]; then [see] what punishment was [with which] I punished [them?]

6. As such [O Mohammed] the word of your Lord [to destroy the disbelievers] is justified against those [of your people] who disbelieve: that they will be the fellows of fire [into which they will go after their death.])

More valuable explanation by Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly, in this link:

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