A-listers arrive in private jets, mega yachts for climate confab

A-listers arrive in private jets, mega yachts for climate confab
Brad Hunter
August 1, 2019
August 1, 2019 10:11 AM EDT
Katy Perry is among the rich and famous who arrived at Camp Google on Sicily to discuss climate change. They arrived in 114 private jets and scores of mega-yachts.INSTAGRAM
The planet’s rich and famous arrived in Sicily to talk about climate change and putting their ample intellect into saving the planet.
They arrived in private jets and mega yachts, creating a smorgasbord of pollution.
Among those attending Camp Hypocrite? Former U.S. president Barack Obama, Prince Harry, Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry and scores more of the great and good.
Google Camp is the brainchild of the search engine’s billionaire creators.
Leonardo DiCaprio is a frequent flier at climate change confabs. He always takes a private jet. WARNER BROS.
It’s a three-day mega-party on the Sicilian seaside that sources say will cost the tech giant $20 million. Oh, and don’t forget climate change.
But whether the party favours include mirrors for the hypocritical jet set is another matter.
“Everything is about global warming, that is the major topic this year,” a source told the New York Post.
And while the veneer may be grey, the inside is shades of filthy grey and brown.
Nice mega-yacht, David Geffen! INSTAGRAM
According to Italian media reports, guests were expected to arrive in an eye-popping 114 private jets.
The Post guesstimated that with 114 flights from Los Angeles to Palermo, the planes would have pumped an astonishing 100,000 kilos of C02 into the atmosphere.
“Google Camp is meant to be a place where influential people get together to discuss how to make the world better,” one frequent flier told the tabloid.
Music mogul David Geffen and Katy Perry on his Rising Sun yacht. INSTAGRAM
“There will likely be discussions about online privacy, politics, human rights, and of course, the environment, which makes it highly ironic that this event requires 114 private jets to happen.”
The glitterati had to find their own way to Italy but after that, Google picked up the tab at the $1,200 per night Verdura Resort.
And the accommodations are pretty swell. VERDURA RESORT
Each was invited personally by Google’s founders, although what Harry Styles, Orlando Bloom, Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller have cooked up to save the planet is anyone’s guess.
Von Furstenberg and Diller arrived on the media mogul’s $20- million yacht Eos, featuring two 2,300-horsepower diesel engines.
Perry and Bloom arrived on Dreamworks founder David Geffen’s $400-million yacht, the Rising Sun.
Music mogul David Geffen and Orlando Bloom. Being rich means never having to say youre sorry. INSTAGRAM
Perry was also spotted racing around the island in a Maserati SUV. Mileage: 15 miles per gallon in the city.
Among the others invited to Camp Consumption are Stella McCartney, Bradley Cooper, Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, Gayle King and Facebook fiend Mark Zuckerberg.
They’ll enjoy performances from Sting and Coldplay’s Chris Martin.
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Isn't it funny that the morons shouting the loudest about climate change don't actually act like they believe the bullshit they spew? Hell we got one of those morons on this forum.
BLIZZARD: Celebrities fly private jets to Italian resort to ponder climate change
Christina Blizzard
August 3, 2019
August 3, 2019 2:46 PM EDT
Katy Perry is among the rich and famous who arrived at Camp Google on Sicily to discuss climate change. They arrived in 114 private jets and scores of mega-yachts.INSTAGRAM
When I haul myself home to my modest condo, on a crowded subway train jammed with humanity, there’s nothing I like better than to read how the likes of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been huddling all week to save the world from climate change.
Apparently, we’ve run out of scientists, climatologists, meteorologists and other highly educated and qualified experts to give us reasoned and sensible advice on how to save humanity.
Now we have to rely on a gaggle of elite celebrity eco warriors to give us the goods.
In their haste to get to the conference, they reportedly jammed themselves into 114 private planes to get to the exclusive Italian resort for a quick round of deep thinking on how to reduce their carbon footprint.
I’m not sure if that’s irony or hypocrisy.
Hint: First you ditch the private plane and ride a bike. Then you downsize from a mansion to a bungalow.
Bloom, Harry Styles and Diane von Furstenberg eschewed the private plane — arriving on a $200 million private yacht. Sure, it has sails. But I’m betting they fired up the two 2,300 horsepower diesel engines to chug into port.
Harry Styles, Karlie Kloss and Diane von Furstenberg off the coast of Siciliy on Tuesday. (Instagram)
Dubbed Camp Google, celebrities were invited to a luxury resort on the island of Sicily. Italian press reports say the celebs paid their own way there, and Google picked up the costs at the swanky Verdura resort.
It’s so much easier to be an environmentalist when you have a spa and golf course to relax in after a busy day thinking deep thoughts about global warming.
The bunfight included a speech — reportedly barefoot — from Prince Harry. And, hey, I have a lot of respect for the guy. He served in Afghanistan with the British Armed forces and went on to create the Invictus Games — a charity aimed at helping wounded warriors compete in sports. It’s magnificent.
But does that make him an expert on the environment?
Look, I don’t expect him to bike to Sicily and Buckingham Palace won’t confirm or deny that he flew private. But surely there are commercial flights. Fair enough, Harry is trying to walk the walk in his personal habits.
He and his new wife, the Duchess of Sussex, the former Meghan Markle, recently renovated the spacious Frogmore Cottage, near Windsor Castle, at a cost of about $3 million from the public purse. Kudos to them for using vegan paint in their refurb. Apparently, it has no animal byproducts and it’s cruelty free — and so much safer should baby Archie choose to lick the walls. But seriously, do they hang their undies on the washing line to dry — as the rest of the world does to save on electricity? I’m going with no.
Leonardo DiCaprio was another mover and shaker at the gabfest. He at least puts his money where his mouth is and has his own foundation dedicated to the “protection and well-being of all Earth’s inhabitants.”
Perhaps he should take on the gig full-time. I have no idea why people rave about his acting skills. I find him underwhelming on the big screen. If the guy who put us through almost three hours of frosty boredom in Revenant just so he could win an Oscar wants to save us from ourselves, I say go for it. That yeti impression in the snow, Leo? It’s your carbon footprint.
Look, the Hollywood A-listers and international glitterati paid for the junket themselves. It’s their time and money — so who really cares?
You can’t help making a comparisons, though. We mere mortals struggle to do our best to save the planet. We cut back on air conditioning. We turn off the lights. We drive less and take transit more. Every little bit helps. Many people doing multiple small things can make a big difference.
When Beautiful People take private planes to an exclusive resort to ponder these issues in secret, you can’t help thinking it’s more about the party than the planet.