How very Canadian: Justin Trudeau apologizes for a THIRD time for elbowing woman in parliament

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was filmed rushing to grab a lawmaker, in the process he elbowed a female opposition lawmaker on Wednesday

Ruth Ellen Brosseau gasped in pain, said it caused her to miss her vote
Reports claim Trudeau shouted 'get the f*** out the way' during fracas
Trudeau has issued three apologies, says he expects better of himself
Canadian parliament is conducting a review of the video footage
Kerfuffle spells possible blow to his image as a modern, feminist leader
Justin Trudeau apologizes for a THIRD time for elbowing woman in parliament | Daily Mail Online

So it's OK for the marxist PM to beat on woman in public on camera, and for obama to legalize bestiality in the barracks, but Brown and Moore and others have to deal with unproven allegations from real power mad sex freaks?

Patrick Brown’s downfall an affront to fairness

Patrick Brown is a man ruined, on the word of two anonymous complainants whose allegations have been accepted as facts, writes Rosie DiManno.

It’s not a magnifying glass. It’s an ice pick.

The sweeping arc and thrust of sexual misconduct allegations, untested and unchallenged. Uncharged, need one add. Which apparently doesn’t matter a fig in these caustic accusatory times.

Throw in an “alleged” here and there — the media’s doing, not the politicians who rushed to the podium on Thursday — and, hey, all fine. Let’s move on to the instant repudiation, the character evisceration, the career annihilation.

Another brick in the wall for women’s empowerment? Another brick through the window of basic fairness, I’d say, and the fundamental principle of innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Patrick Brown isn’t Harvey Weinstein or Louis C.K. Shockwaves emanating from Queen’s Park strongly suggest an entire community that had not heard even whispers about inappropriate sexual behaviour in the now ex-leader of the provincial Conservative party’s past. The slag came out of nowhere, about a man who’s been in the public eye for nearly two decades.

To be perfectly hard-boiled about this: where is the sexual misconduct, exactly?

WOW, a marxist plot for sure, while trudie runs around punching babes in the boobs, and obummer makes sex with animals legal in the military.

the only way they can WYNNE.

LOl CC's team in action.

Ontario PC leadership upheaval is better late than never
Tempting as it may be to write off the Progressive Conservative’s, Patrick Brown’s resignation could actually trigger a party renaissance.

Yeah there you have it..the marxists outrunning the populist choice.