Canada slamming the USA over ANWR , NAFTA

Wow, I might be proud to be Canadian again.

Electioneering at its best, democracy in action when it causes our PM Martin to yell at the American government for spitting in our eye. Atta boy Paul.
The USA is keeping that $5Billion that all the NAFTA courts say is ours. Retaliation might be next.

Pierre Pettigrew is taking up the other issue with the USA - drilling the wilderness in ANWR [Alaska] should not go ahead due to the fragile environment under stress allready from global warming. The oil beneath the hooves of the Caribou is threatening their existence, both by the drilling and the pollution it gives off.


Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew is urging the U.S. to honor its 18-year commitment by halting its drilling plans.

The arctic oil will only serve the USA for one year they say, so it is just money maker and the losses of the Porcupine herd will be forever.

So Canada is trying to get them to hold off, hopefully forever.

And of course, PM Martin's rant to the USA about NAFTA last week. In that, Canada is saying that if the USA won't live up to the agreement, NAFTA's conflict resolution process in particular, that we would have to consider other options.
Would we pull out of NAFTA? He didn't go that far, but thats the rub.

here is a link to the story, but it won't load for me:

link to that link, scroll down to "Top Stories" :
PM willing to negotiate on softwood

OTTAWA - The head of the Maritime Lumber Bureau says she welcomes news Canada is finally talking about negotiating a softwood lumber agreement with the United States.

Diana Blenkhorn, who was in Ottawa Monday to press for a long-term agreement, said her group wants to see the trade dispute settled at the negotiating table rather than in the courts.

Only a few hours earlier, Prime Minister Paul Martin revealed his government is willing to enter into talks with the U.S. - provided Washington first returns $3.5 billion in contested duties.

"That is not negotiable," Mr. Martin said at a rare prime ministerial news conference in Ottawa.
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excellent Paul!! Keep up the pressure. "we" have had enough of being jerked around by them USers.

let's see where this takes things...
Don't hold your breath Martin's not going to do a thing the man has know spine .Just a bunch of empty rhetoric
I agree with what Martin says about not having all our eggs in one basket and that we need to find other markets like India or China to export too.

However my main concern is, is Martin going to follow through or is he just full of hot air? What if he gets a majority next election? Will he still be talking like this? or is he talking tough, just because he has a miniority government and needs help to stay in power? Those are the questions I need to know the answers too.
Anybody with half a brain knew we needed to diversify our markets .Only know these assholes in Ottawa have figured it out It just goes to show the mentality of the people we have running the country.Really kind of scary when you think about it
Sask. Says China eager for its oil assests

Chinese investors, including state-owned companies, are strongly interested in acquiring ownership stakes in Saskatchewan oil fields and uranium mines, Premier Lorne Calvert says.

With its oil consumption continuing to soar, China has been increasingly anxious to develop a reliable new chain of energy supplies, including foreign oil sources and an expanded domestic nuclear industry. Saskatchewan could be a vital source of supplies for both of these sectors, according to provincial leaders who held two days of meetings with senior Chinese officials in Beijing this week.
This is getting to be ridiculous with the U.S. NAFTA is becoming a joke if they are unwilling to abide by it (which they have assuredly shown us). Martin needs to get serious about this, and this is a step in the right direction, lets just see if he sticks with what hes said.
Don't count on it. Martin has repeatedly shown himself to be weak and gutless. He doesn't have the guts to do what needs to be done to protect this country's interests.
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