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AB and SK separate and commandeer the name Canada... The Eastern part of the country can call themselves Pussyville in honor of tater tot
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AB and SK separate and commandeer the name Canada... The Eastern part of the country can call themselves Pussyville in honor of tater tot

WELL GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That seems a bit extreme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The REAL ISSUE -meaning the one that can resolbe whole lot of out troubles.......................

is the answer to a SIMPLE QUESTION::::::::::::::::::::::

"I ASK - "are natives Cdn citizens or not"??????????????????????????

By which I mean "do they have any obligation to obey Cdn laws when off the Reserve"???????????????????????

LIE-berals have been encouraging natives to think the ANSWER IS "NO"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is an article illustrating how intransigent radical Cdn natives are and how unwilling they are to compromise on anything as a result of LIE-beral encouragement!! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Cabin seized by Sask. govt 'integral' to trapper's way of life, First Nations leaders say, urging its return

By Kendall Latimer, from CBC News

Published February 20. 2020

First Nations leaders are calling on the Saskatchewan government to return the cabin of a northern trapper in the province so he can continue living a traditional way of life.

Indigenous trapper Richard Durocher learned of the seizure of his cabin, originally located about 40 kilometres north of Pinehouse, Sask., on Feb. 4, 2019 when a contractor hauled it away.

(It is the LOCATION of the cabin - not the access to a trap line that is the problem
as Ministry MADE CLEAR!! Even the fact the guy built a cabin on Crown Land IS NOT THE ISSUE - it is ONLY SPECIFIC LOCATION on Crown Land!!!!!!!!)

Lac La Ronge Indian Band (LLRIB) Chief Tammy Cook-Searson said the province should put it back and grant him full access to his trap line. The province's Ministry of Environment maintains that despite the cabin seizure, "there are no restrictions on Mr. Durocher accessing his trap line."

"Many members from our First Nations still rely on their inherent and Treaty right to hunt, fish, trap and gather for their sustenance and health," Cook-Searson said in a written statement.

Cook-Searson spoke in a joint-statement issued by the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN), the Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC) and LLRIB released on Wednesday.
She said leaders want to resolve this to ensure the livelihood, health, and well-being of band members like Durocher.

Durocher is a sustenance fur harvester and his application to build his cabin was denied. He said he was encouraged by local Métis officials to "go ahead and build it because we have rights. We're going to take our land back."

(Ah - “take the land back” in a dispute that makes it CLEAR natives feel NO OBLIGATION to obey any white law - are natives CDN citizens or not?? If they are NOT citizens then why do we spend BILLIONS of dollars to support them as completely as we do - surely our obligations to foreigners are limited??????????)

A Ministry of Environment spokesperson said it had attempted to work with Durocher about relocating his cabin in the past.

The spokesperson said cabin builds aren't allowed within eight kilometres of either side of the Key Lake, Cigar Lake, McArthur Lake, Cluff Lake and Rabbit Lake roads. The Durocher family is known to have used the land for traditional activities long before the highway to the mine site was built.

(So keep using the land - just don’t be PISSY about siting a cabin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The province also said the site is "popular with other users for camping, fishing and other recreational activities." For the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan, Durocher's case raises concerns about the priority of recreational us over traditional land use.
Second trapper's cabin removed

A second trapper's cabin was recently removed from the north shore of Dore Lake. It belonged to Travis Laliberte, a Métis trapper from Beauval who's now unsure if he'll be able to have a cabin ever again.

(The USUAL NATIVE BULLSH+T - they see NO REASON TO COOPERATE with any govt agency or with OTHER Cdn CITIZENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

"I feel that not being able to ever have a trappers cabin now is like taking one of my Aboriginal rights away," he said in an emailed statement to CBC.

(But 3 bedroom houses, pickup trucks and roads to drive on, welfare payments, hospital care as needed, skidoos and electrical appliances all created and VERY FREQUENTLY PAID FOR by white people ARE a native RIGHT???????????

Laliberte had been approved to build on a different site about 500 metres from where he put up his cabin three years ago.

(So this descendent of legendary travellers and hunters CANNOT travel 1500 metres ON HIS SKIDOO to an APPROVED CABIN SITE????????????????)

Instead, he built nearby at a beach location. It appears that location runs afoul of Crown land guidelines which stipulate cabins must be more than a half-kilometre away from a beach which could serve a recreational purpose.

However, Laliberte says "a guideline that was created without consultation makes me believe it is only in place to benefit the person or people who created it."
Ministry of Environment defends decision

(Gosh- the guideline was created for the purpose of TOURISM - and of course the beach would be open to enjoyment of NATIVES AS WELL - with govt gathering tourist revenue to AID IN SUPPLYING GRAVY TO NATIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Brant Kirychuk, executive director of the Fish, Wildlife and Lands branch for the ministry, said Laliberte's cabin was indeed built on an unauthorized location on a pristine, sandy beach in a "very, very, very actively used area." He said complaints of the cabin came in "almost immediately."

(So one HOG claims an ENTIRE ACTIVELY USED BEACH for himself!!!!!!!!!)

The local land manager made attempts to help Laliberte choose a new "appropriate" location; "all resulting in non-compliance, so ultimately an order was issued under that Provincial Lands Act," according to Kirychuk.

Kirychuk said anyone who applied to build at the two sites would be denied. He added 100s of traditional resource cabins are approved yearly, but most are located in remote parts of northern Saskatchewan, and therefore face no "conflict."

(In other words- natives CAN BUILD AS THEY PLEASE - JUST SO LONG AS THEY DON’T HOG the most popular spots!! And natives DO UNDERSTAND trespass laws - since warfare between tribes used to be COMMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

When asked whether recreational activities were taking precedence over traditional practices, Kirychuk said "traditional rights are to conduct traditional activities: hunt, fish and gather" on Crown land.

(NO hunting or fishing rights were LIMITED during the removal of this cabin!!!!
But the building of the cabin DID LIMIT the rights of other citizens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

He added they "consider all users in the area to determine if there is a conflict" when considering disposition. Leaders says education required

(Yes - natives NEED to understand THEY ARE CDN CITIZENS with an obligation to SHARE in an honest way!! Cdn law regulates what can be built and where so the MAJORITY CAN BENEFIT - too bad natives DEMAND MORE RIGHTS THAN OTHERS!! In addition - Cdn law makes a distinction between a native reserve that is controlled by natives - and Crown Land which is controlled by GOVT for the benefit OF ALL CITIZENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(Thus natives are DELIBERATELY STAGING A POLITICAL COUP!! The land under dispute at Oka and the land under dispute at Caledonia was ALL SOLD OFF DECADES AGO BY NATIVES - yet natives DEMAND CONTROL of land they do not own - and LIE-berals are encouraging this CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

First Nations leaders in the joint statement also argue that "building and maintaining a trapping cabin is reasonably incidental to the Treaty right to trap."

(Sure - build a cabin - WITHIN THE SPECIFIED LEGISLATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

"Erecting a cabin is integral to the traditional method of hunting and trapping," said Brian Hardlotte, PAGC grand chief, in a statement.

"[B]uilding a cabin is protected by Treaty and ... the [Charter of Rights and Freedoms], and I fail to see which authority the province based its decision on removing this cabin," he argued.

(REFUSING TO SEE is NOT a valid legal argument!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The Ministry of Environment said in a statement on Wednesday that Durocher's cabin now belongs to the contractor who removed it, as it was forfeited to the Crown.

Durocher can apply again for a traditional resource use cabin and that Ministry staff are prepared to work with him to find a location they say is OK.

There are no other cabins under removal order by the Provincial Lands Act, at this time.

(Gosh - no other cabins under removal order at this time?? SO natives are playing THIS ONE as a legal trial balloon to see if they can BULLY LIE-beral govt into MORE concessions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(Only in Canada would some people BITTERLY OBJECT to being treated as ONLY SLIGHTLY SUPERIOR UNDER the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
No! If you want to make Canada strong, you have to do it in the real world!
First thing is to get rid of this multicultural crap. Either you are Canadian or you are not. Then we need equal representation in parliament. This having the votes in one little corner of the country that is smaller than many islands controlling the direction of government has to change.
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First thing is to get rid of this multicultural crap. Either you are Canadian or you are not. Then we need equal representation in parliament. This having the votes in one little corner of the country that is smaller than many islands controlling the direction of government has to change.

FIRST THING WE DO.........................

IS GET RID OF DAMNED LIE-berals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In support of our Cdn culture, I provide here some definitions and interpretations of unique Cdn words and phrases:

Social justice: A phrase considered to be of great importance to Cdns - hence the regular use of the phrase by LIE-berals as if talking down to the public often in pompous and pious platitudes will somehow encourage sweetness and light to fall from the Sunny Skies that LIE-berals are conjuring for us!!!

Social justice is used by LIE-berals as an ALLEGED measurement of fairness in our society in which people who have committed crimes are judged to be victims of white society. Native Cdns living on reserves are often victims of `white society`. Persons of colour from third world nations are also often deemed as victims of white society. LIE-beral Cdns see endemic corruption and routine squandering of Cdn tax money by native band councils as being somehow the fault of white people.

For instance, natives on reserves quite often live in deplorable housing in spite of govt pouring millions of dollars into improving living conditions. In the case of the Atiwapiskat band- population 1500- they were given 150 million dollars by govt and every penny was supposed to be spent on housing- yet not a single new residence was built; nor are there any receipts to show were that flood of cash went- it is just GONE! And LIE-berals consider that we are being socially UN-JUST if we ask where that money went.

Unemployment in native reserves is another social justice issue that is believed by LIE-berals and their supporters to be the fault of white people. Our Cdn society requires post secondary education for over 75 percent of all jobs currently available- and of the other 25 percent- a high school certificate is usually required- yet only 25 percent of natives ever finish high school- yet LIE-berals and natives consider it to be prime example of social injustice that so many natives are un-employed- due to lack of educational qualifications.

That there are no jobs out in the dark woods- regardless of educational achievements- where many reserves are located is considered irrelevant by LIE-berals. The Kashetchewan Reserve- located about 250 km south of Atiwapiskat- sits about 900 km from the nearest paved road. One must either fly into the reserves- when Arctic weather condition permit- or one must undertake a barge ride from Newfoundland up the coast of Labrador and down into Hudson`s Bay- a round trip of close to 8000 km- with Arctic weather and drifting icebergs dictating when and if you can make the trip. Neither reserve is one that can be easily commuted from to work like a modern Cdn worker!

Another facet if social justice relates to LIE-beral views of corporate CEO`s. LIE-berals see them all as clever, urbane, creative thieves ripping off the gullible public. LIE-berals apparently believe it is socially un-just to jail natives and non whites for crimes such as drug dealing, assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery and other such crimes when corporate CEO`s are getting away with exploiting tax loopholes and tax havens and corporate welfare- the LIE-beral inspired process by which LIE-berals bribe companies to come here and do business with Cdns. LIE-berals consider it to be socially unjust to point out that corporate welfare is THEIR CREATION! LIE-berals also consider it rude for Cdns to point out that LIE-berals making DUMB excuses for native criminals is bad policy because it simply encourages further foolish behaviour!

By comparison, Conservatives believe that it is more socially just to simply keep taxes low so ALL may benefit. One does not have to be a Conservative to benefit from low taxes and LIE-berals consider this to be socially unjust- To THEM! LIE-berals seem to prefer a system where they can do dirty back room deals with friends, allies and supporters as necessary so LIE-berals can cling to power and to hell with the situation of non LIE-beral Cdns! If you don’t vote LIE-beral then you don’t count! AND- you must manage your life WITHOUT LIE-beral gravy!

LIE-berals deplore the public spectacle of corporate welfare in which well paid white collar types soak up vast govt grants but LIE-berals consider it socially UNFAIR to expect them to do anything about it since it is a LIE-beral creation dating back to the days of C. D. Howe- the notorious Minister of Everything who spent long weekends hob-nobbing with Roosevelts, Astors, Vanderbilts and other self styled robber barons in the 1930`s and 1940`s . Yet LIE-berals deplore the polite relations enjoyed between level headed Stephen Harper and Cdn business leaders. Yet civil servants- who are all dedicated LIE-beral supporters- have vast sums of pension cash tied up in corporate stock and anything that cuts into corporate profits will harm LIE-beral supporters and thus any action taken to reduce corporate welfare clearly socially unjust in their eyes. And any person who gets dizzy while trying to follow the philosophical track of LIE-beral policy is deemed- by LIE-berals- to be a systemic racist or an Islamophobe!

Lie-berals also seem to derive great benefit from offering up grants and gifts to corporations in exchange for union support and they consider that halting such gift giving would be socially unfair to THEM! The most egregious example of this twisted logic is presented in the book “Labour of Love” written by former labour leader Buzz Hargrove detailing his years as a labour leader fighting for HIS badly bent version social justice.

During the first term of prime minister Brian Mulroney, the workers at Air Canada were locked in a bitter strike with management and Hargrove came up with a unique solution: he approached Mulroney and explained that the union and company were about 20 million dollars apart and were hopelessly deadlocked and by coincidence- that 20 million dollar gap was just about what Air Canada workers were paying in income tax revenue-and Hargrove seriously expected that Mulroney would agree to the Hargrove proposal that govt STOP collecting income tax from Air Canada workers so they would have the money they needed to end the strike. Mulroney refused to agree as he figured it would set a bad precedent and this is one reason why Conservatives are often labeled as anti union and socially unjust- by LIE-beral friendly Hogs.

Members of Black Lives Matter/BLM also agree that Conservatives are socially unjust. BLM deplores the frequency with which Black business people operating simple cottage industry type jobs such as prostitution, pimping, drug dealing and robbery are arrested and jailed by the `Occupying Army`- also known as Toronto Police Service. BLM seems to hold much the same view of white collar CEO`s as LIE-berals do- that if crime is good enough for bosses then its also good enough for the little people and thus any time a member of BLM is arrested for any reason, it is proof of white bigotry.

The Occupying Army: this phrase was coined by Arnold Minors- a former Miami traffic cop who wrote a dazzling and entirely fictional resume for himself- describing himself as an experienced homicide detective with many years experience and holder of all manner of race relation training certificates and he managed to sell himself as a specialist in race relation training to the Toronto Police Services Board. The Services Board did not bother to check on his credentials till outraged cops sitting through his harangues against white people began asking awkward questions. Minors was exposed as a totally untrained fraud but Silly Hall socialists let him work out his full contract and gave him his FULL pay as well and Black Action Defense Committee-the forerunner of BLM considered it socially unjust for cops or anybody else to criticize Minors or his twisted values.