3 police officers shot in Winnipeg

CBC News
Three Winnipeg police officers were shot Thursday night while executing a drug warrant in the city's south end, police confirmed early Friday.

I used to live in Winnipeg... In that same neighborhood. Its actually a good part of town.

In fact, I think I went to high school with the older brother of the kid's name they released on CBC news world.

Some people are so bloody stupid. Did he think if he shot at the police they would go away and leave him alone. About the only time I support the death penalty is for cop shooters and thugs killing for cash.
I can't agree more. What an idiot. Like you say did he think that by shooting them he could get away or something? Drug charges ok. But attempted murder... On a cop? That kid is screwed. Forever.

I can't believe that I actually had met that kid before. I played football with his brother. I think HE may have even been a freshman on the team in my senior year. There is a group of people in that neighborhood and I'm sure in a lot of middle class neighborhoods that think they have it tough or something. They think its cool to parade around dressed like Eminem talking about 'banging hos' and committing crimes. Its utter stupidity. Most of them come from wealthier backgrounds than me but they think they have it so tough. Hearing that these idiots have hit the ultimate level of stupidity makes me feel sick to my stomach and so glad that I didn't get caught up with these complete losers (not that I was ever on that path). Its just mind boggling that someone from the same high school and the same area as myself and my other great friends can go so astray.

-frustrated, sick and ashamed

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