G20 wraps with world leaders agreeing to use trade to boost global economy

Remember when conservatives loved Harper for this?

Clearly, they've been trumped.

G20 wraps with world leaders agreeing to use trade to boost global economy

China agreed to co-operate more closely with trading partners on its politically volatile steel exports as leaders of major economies ended the G20 summit today in Hangzhou, China, with a forceful endorsement of free trade and a crowded agenda that included the Koreas, Syria and refugees.

In a joint statement Monday, Chinese President Xi Jinping, U.S. President Barack Obama, and the leaders of Britain, Japan, Russia and other Group of 20 nations pledged to boost sluggish global growth by promoting innovation.

"The global recovery lacks momentum," Xi told reporters after the meeting. "We need to do more to unlock the potential for medium and long-term growth."

There was no mention of a global stimulus or other joint action, which officials said earlier was unworkable because economic conditions vary widely from country to country.

In a statement issued Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called for the implementation of growth strategies and increasing the collective gross domestic product by two per cent by 2018.

Trudeau also said it's important that the benefits of free and open trade are shared by all citizens.

In an effort to shore up public support for trade, the G20 leaders promised "inclusive growth" to spread the benefits to people left behind by wrenching change. That reflects a recognition that economic strains are fuelling political tensions and a growing clamour to raise barriers against foreign competition.

The statement expressed "opposition to protectionism on trade and investment in all its forms."

G20 wraps with world leaders agreeing to use trade to boost global economy - World - CBC News
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well it hasn't worked yet...
as a matter of fact, last time I checked Icelandic is about the only country doin it righ..
everyone else is on the wrong side of town...
the free trade we already have has everyone doing toilet spin death spirals

Top Economists: Iceland Did It Right … And Everyone Else Is Doing It Wrong
Top Economists: Iceland Did It Right ... And Everyone Else Is Doing It Wrong

the definition of INSANITY is:
"keep doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting a different result"

Of course if you crash a country's economy, stuff becomes available real cheep...
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Seems like Trudeau doesn't like negative comments on his twitter page...
I was in the process of copy and paste those comments here when the twitter page froze......when I reloaded the twitter page....all the comments were gone good or bad......
What gives... Loc......you're our local twitter expert..
I have an account but never use it....

Must have been me....the comments are back...I like this one..

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So what you're saying is, he dun good.
How much did it cost the global taxpayer for something that could have been a video conference, with existing hardware.

Interesting that you thought he was f*cking with you rather than you being a newbie. Please tell me that is not the 'way things seem to go in your world'. The point of posting those details was what??
One thing about those international conferences national leaders go to.

Why not use e-mail most of the time and meet up once every five years at an international conference? Would that not suffice?

They do know what e-mail is, right?

Sorry. To clarify, I meant not just G20, but all of these conferences. Make it a week-longinternational conference once every five years whereby they'd all meet up, G20, OPEC, WTO, just make it one busy week.

Now, I realise they might not work well on jet-lag, so send them there one week before the conference, they attend the conference for a week, they come back, again take a week-long break, and back to work. Most of it could be done by e-mail. The five-yearly conferences woudl be to wrap stuff up that could not be done by e-mail.

And to save money, send someone there who knows the conference-language. Interpreters are bloody expensive.