Is terrorists to blame for tainted food supply?

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Food recalls have dramatically increased over the years ever since America invaded Iraq.

President Bush Jr. said that according to the CIA Iraq was producing a large amount of chemicals for their war inventory.

I have to wonder if the terrorists are responsible for infiltrating food manufacturing facilities and tainting the food before it is sent to the food distributors that deliver it to all the food markets.

We have to remember that America has more than 10 million illegal immigrants living in the US and these food manufacturers rely on cheap illegal labour to work there and they donít usually check their identification.

I hope president Obama can hire back all the food inspectors George Jr. cut when he was cutting taxes
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I sum it up to slack safety checks..... which means the responsibility falls on the companies.

1st If this was a terrorist thing, Are you going to claim terrorists attacked Maple Leaf Foods as well?

2nd, they normally claim responsibility for their attacks and ploys, which they haven't.

This is just dumbass corporations who would rather try and save a few bucks and risk our safety, nothing more.
Lets put it this way; in 2000, the number of food shipments to America was a tad over 4 million a year. By 2006 it was 8.75 million a year. Now the FDA should have been keeping inspections at the same intensity, but they didn't. In 2000, the number of samples analyzed in a lab as a proportion of import shipments was about 0.38%, and by 2006 it was down to about 0.23%. Those percentages aren't high, but considering the shipments more than doubled...

Funding for food inspection. It's not cheap, but you get what you pay for.
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No, I don't think they is...
Isn't it illegal to scratch yer taint in public?
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We poison our air, water and food. Why would terrorists need to do anything. We are our worst enemy.

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