Cover up In Celebrex & Bextra Class Action

PFIZER COVER UP OVER MEDICATION CELEBREX IN CANADA This is a very real situation and the media so far is being very sheepish! My FACTS are rock solid!!!!!! I will not be bought off! I will not let thier lawyers make the suggestion AGAIN! They already have!!!!! the following is a link to a YOUTUBE video. Please watch and resend the Video! THANK YOU! MAINSTREAM MEDIA ARE ACTING VERY SHEEPISH The Americans that have been hurt by this medication are being taken advangtage of. Pfizer should not be getting away with this in your PROGRESSIVE COUNTRY . If not for the AMERICAN health system I would not have been able to prove this. So this concerns AMERICANS as much as it does CANADIANS. I STAND STRONG!!DAY 32 HUNGER STRIKE The condition in question is know has a Patent Foreman Ovale and it is a hole in the lower chambers of the heart, its this hole that allowed the blood clots that the pill makes to pass into my artery system and cause the occlusion in my leg. That is why when they knew who I was (LEAD PLAINTIFF) during the first 2 times the test was done they created alot of confusion and even tried to lie about doing it the first time. It is why when I went to the Washington state Hospital and they had no Idea of my involvment with the lawsuit they report on the condition correctly.
Goodluck, big money ain't got no soul, just huge grasping hands and a mouth full of razors.
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