More on if the U.S. paid attention to the rest of the world......

Like I said, I do agree that the U.S. does ignore the rest of the world and that it is unacceptable. But if the U.S. were to pay attention to the rest of the world, how much priority would Canada get?

There's the issue of countries overseas being hotspots for trouble, as well as being rivals of the U.S. in many areas. The few Americans who pay attention to the rest of the world tend to pay attention to countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. There's also South America, too. Immigrants and their families are also more likely to care about these countries than they are about Canada.

But MOST OF ALL..... the U.S. has another neighbour.....MEXICO!!!! Have you heard that the U.S.-Mexico border is the most crossed border in the world, with over 30 million crossings per year? That's similar to Canada's total population! I work in the public schools, where I often deal with classrooms that are predominantly Mexican/Hispanic - sometimes entire classrooms are 100% Hispanic. Letters home get translated in Spanish, bilingual education classrooms are left and right, heck California is now 40% Hispanic!

Sure, I've also met Canadians in the public schools here. They blend in better than not only immigrants from all the other countries, but even better than AMERICANS from southern and midwestern states!!! For one thing, they don't have accents that people from Arkansas do. How can we notice them if they don't stick out that much? At least we're not making their homework bilingual or serving poutine and maple syrup as part of their lunches!

Oh yeah, between Canada and the U.S., 1,000 officers patrol that border. 10 times as many people on the U.S. SIDE ALONE patrol the Mexican border. 500,000 people cross that border illegally every year! Can the Canadian border compare in how many cross that border?

Canada should be concerned about Mexico, too. Many Mexicans who illegally live in the U.S. live fine for years until fears of a government crackdown comes up. Then guess where they go? Yep, Canada. More and more of these Mexicans who flee the U.S. go to Canada to seek asylum. This is becoming more common each time.

Some estimates say that there are 8-12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. One estimate says 20-38 million. The vast majority are Mexicans, many others are non-Mexicans who have used the Mexican border. Numbers that come from Canada are likely puny in comparison!!!

So until Canada starts sending 1000 times as many people and things illegally across the border, don't expect too much from the U.S., even when Americans do start paying attention to the rest of the world.
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