Yup, it is true. They said it would prtect us against skin cancers, and what happened? Skin cancer rates went way up.

Now we know better - the sunshine HELPS, not causes, cancers.

Well, I know better, most of you will take awhile to believe it.
[I wish I were kidding].

Here are links to the story, but the lawsuit doesn't go into "what causes cancer", only that sunblocks dont help... Doctors are using this trial to promote their view that using sunblock is the right way to go, but they are wrong on that {See 2nd link].

The lawsuit claims that misleading sunscreen labels have created a false sense of security among sunbathers. According to the complaint, sunscreens protect against UVB rays, but research indicates that they don't block all UVA rays, which can cause skin cancer, aging and wrinkling.

Healing Power of Sunlight


"In recent years we've all been trained to fear the sun, due to the threat of skin cancer. Nothing could be further from the truth. Now there is a growing belief that exposure to the sun may not actually cause skin cancer. As this study published in the prestigious Cancer journal indicates, exposure to sun actually decreases cancer rates"

I have not managed to quote anyone saying sunblock will lead to more cancers because it is blocking the healing action of sunlight.

It makes perfect sense tho. Just don't burn , and that makes sense too.


PS - if you allready got cancer, or if you get it, remember that HUGE doses of Vitamin C alone will cure about half of all cancers, no other therapy needed. Its true, just not very profitable and it can be done at home. {Fek Doctors, I say.