NEW Green Party leader

New leader in Elizabeth May!!

Now that the corporate hump, Jim Green, is not longer leader [wrecker] of the GPC [Green Party of Canada], I feel much better about the GPC.

They have a few new ideas in their platform too, with corporate control of our government a primary issue.

Ms. May has good solid ideas on fighting global warming, with ways to get a positive economic advantage in embracing alternative energy. Remember that fossil fuels does not help the average persons's wealth much, just a few Elite Wealthy people. Alternative fuels offer the smaller investor much better opportunities.

On the SMOG question, they are the first and only organisation to not mis-use the Ozone factor, where ozone is blamed for causing breathing problems but actually it is cleaning the air as sunlight hits pollution and forms ozone, natures way to clean the pollution. Without the ozone effect, air pollution would have been overwhelming by now. This is important to me, as I have an ozone generator right here in my apartment, but no smog. So may lies out there....

Read the GP2 report , their plans to deal with various issues here:

and, the "new" Green Party's website:
Yah, shes running in the by-election in Ontario somewhere, it would be great if she got the seat, I mean they have somewhere around 6% of the vote, but no seats because of the spread of the votes.
It's in my riding, London North Centre.....the Green Party has little to no chance of taking it.
It's election day!
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It's in my riding, London North Centre.....the Green Party has little to no chance of taking it.

Well the Green party seems to have done better then you had thought it would. Looks like they were very close in taking this election. 25% is close to an electable count. However I am not a green party supporter and will never be. To me it's a waste of a vote when you consider the NDP's platform is green and they have a much better chance of getting mp's while the green party has a better chance of spliting votes and having no green minded ppl elected!
It certainly doesn't surprise me the riding went Liberal.....the real shame is the voter turn out was something like 43%.
Results: London North Centre Last updated: 23:29 ET

Party Candidate Votes % of Votes.

Canadian Action: Will Arlow 53 0.1%

Independent: Robert Ede 77 0.2%

Conservative: Dianne Haskett 9,309 24.4%

PC Party: Steve Hunter 145 0.4%

Green Party: Elizabeth May 9,864 25.9%

Liberal: Glen Pearson 13,287 34.9%

N.D.P. : Megan Walker 5,388 14.1%

Total number of valid votes: 38,123

Polls reporting: 253/253

Voter turnout: 38,123 of 89,139 registered electors (42.8%)The number of registered electors shown in this table does not include electors who registered on election day.
I think it would be good if Ms. May was to get a seat in the house. The green party has some good ideas, but it is much more likely for other parties to become more 'green' than for the GPC to actually gain much power. We're seeing this now with the Liberals. I've supported the greens before and I think it is important to support the GPC. Canadians who realize that environmental issues (i.e. sustainable development, GHG emissions...) are the number one most important issues here in Canada need to be heard. Voting 'green' is a great way to get that message across. Voting NDP just doesn't have the same oomph. They stand for alot more than just the environment (social equality, healthcare, unions ...), which are issues as well. But nothing says "I care first and foremost about the environment" like voting 'green' does. It is likely that the rising support for the GPC was the catalyst for the Liberals to choose the new leader that they did.

I heard a question asked yesterday on 'Mansbridge one on one' with Stéphane Dion: "You are somewhat unknown to Western Canadians. How will you win their support?". I can say, living in BC for the past three years, environmental issues are number one with most people. Many people vote NDP or green to support these issues. Now that M. Dion is assuring us that the Liberals will take on environmental issues, I think alot more people will vote for them and the result will be more seats (in the province with the third most seats up for grabs) for the Liberals.

I mentioned in another thread, I loved the green scarves and signs M. Dion's camp had going at the convention. People respond to visual aids such as those.

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