Liberals announce changes to spousal sponsorship rules

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Ontario needs tougehr immigration rules. I'm tempted to start a petition to change the Constitution and establish Ontario citizenship passports. Those Manitobans just can't be trusted. Your thoughts?

Do you realise how easy it is for a Manitoban to just pack up and move to Ontario? No border controls, just one open border, it's a f^ckin' free for all.

In the 1860s people in Manitoba might have said the same thing about Ontario.
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Of course not. Why bother having any conditions at all? Hell, why bother having a f*cking immigration dept? Let's just open the borders entirely and have a f*cking free-for-all.

That's the goal Jinentonix!

Elections have consequences.
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Why not make marriage of convenience easier?

Those are 1 night stands.