Threatening the USA with God's might

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If the USA keeps to its transgression on Muslims and the Aqsa mosque: the House of God at Jerusalem: and they keep to their bias to the side of Tel Aviv .. then God will take revenge on the USA and their allies.

The transgression on the Aqsa mosque: the House of God at Al-Quds in Palestine

Muslims used to travel to the Aqsa mosque by thousands from everywhere in the world to pray in the holy Aqsa mosque in Al-Quds..

When pilgrims completed their pilgrimage to the House of God at Mecca, they traveled to the Aqsa mosque to pray God there and worship Him in His holy House.. and they also went to it in all times all along the year.

Palestinians and Muslims in Palestine used to pray God daily with their thousands, so the House of God the Aqsa mosque was full of worshipers who worship God alone without associate or peer.

Then when the Zionists occupied Al-Quds in the year 1967, they started to oppress Muslims and bar them by all means so as to prevent them from worshiping God in His Holy House: the Aqsa mosque in Al-Quds .. until the number of worshipers lessened to much extent ... which is the most evil crime: to prevent God's masjid or mosque from being the place of God's worship.

Quran 2: 114, which means:
(And who is worse , with his wrong-doing, than he who bars the mosques of God, so that His Name be not rehearsed in them , and strives to desert them b ?)
.................................................. ...........................

114 b To desert the mosque: to make little number of people go to it; therefore, because they barred the believers from entering and worshiping God in the mosque, they did work to desert the mosque.

Similarly, anyone who prevents people from prayer and worship in any mosque or is a factor in preventing people, then he too has worked to desert the mosque.
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The lesson of the Covid 19 pandemic :

The USA Zionists and Satanists should take lesson of this pandemic which devastated the USA and its economy: on account of their transgression on Muslims and on God's House: the Aqsa Mosque.. by biasing to the side of the Wicked Zionists of Tel Aviv..

God Almighty with one blow, He abased the tyrant USA and its Satanists and Zionists... that is merely by a simple virus which killed about 1% or more or less of the infected persons.

This was not expected.. so beware of God's might and never oppose Him by preventing or enhancing the transgression on the Holy Aqsa mosque.. or God will terminate you by an unexpected kind of punishment.

Quran 6: 18, which means:
(He is the Omnipotent, Superior to His servants' [oppression] c , and is the Most Wise [with His acts], the All-Aware [about the oppression of His servants.])
.................................................. .............................

18 c i.e. God's might to take revenge against those who wrong the weak and the needy, is more than their ability for the wrong-doing; so let them know this, and let them not wrong the weak, because God is More Powerful than them, so He will take revenge on them.
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The USA and all other countries are very weak in fact :

They are exposed before God's might.. His hand can reach them at any time .. He is only giving them respite..

But if they dare transgress on His house: the Aqsa mosque, they cannot then escape His might and revenge

Their cities are exposed to major earthquakes and to devastating hurricanes and to epidemics worse than this Covid 19 .. in addition to other an unexpected kinds of devastation.
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Gee, it looks like Iran got shit kicked by covid 19 also. So, I guess your god was pissed at them too?
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My God is the Lord of all nations and worlds: God is the Creator.
Certainly, God is the Lord of nations and worlds: He does not discriminate wrong-doers: whether they belong to any sect or religion.

The worship of tombs of the righteousis the corruption of the Muslim countries.

While the idolatry (worshiping the idols like the Cross and the statues of Jesus and his mother), the atheism and the ungodliness is clearly obvious among your Christian countries (most of them support the Wicked Zionists of Tel Aviv: only for their rancor about Muslims.)
While they forget that the Zionists are the enemy of Jesus Christ.

In addition, many of them are afflicted by this pandemic, because they support the Wicked Zionists with their transgression on the Aqsa mosque, and will receive their part of the punishment.
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Now the pandemic seemingly has decreased in such countries.. but they don't know it may return more vigorous and fatal.

And these Zionists have returned to their wickedness (against the Aqsa mosque) together with their allies: the USA and some European countries.

Therefore, the Zionists transgress on Muslims: it may be somewhat understood (because of the tomb worship by some Muslims) ... while the transgression on God's house: the Aqsa mosque is unacceptable and will ruin the Zionists and their allies.

This marvelous soora of the Quran speaks about the Christian host of Abraha who came in the year 570 AD to destroy the Kaaba at Mecca, and how God dealt with them:
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If the U.S. continues to defy Al's Snackbar, it will have death, destruction, and Bludgers rained down upon it by the Hogwarts quidditch team!
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You say so, but wait and see what will happen in the coming days.. and this Covid 19 pandemic is only an initial simple lesson to those who perceive the lesson.

The consequences are so obvious, although of course you and the other Zionists deny it.. see the USA death total, the economy shaking and the military infections .. etc, etc.
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Once again the USA transgresses on the rights of the Palestinian People

Now the USA has come to support the Wicked Zionists of Tel Aviv in their work to annex the Western Bank which it occupied in the year 1967

And they have not understood the lesson of the Covid 19, and they have not realized the might of God Almighty..

Once again the USA allies with the Wicked Zionists of Tel Aviv to the disadvantage of the Arab and Muslims, and against God House Al Aqsa Mosque at Jerusalem.

I wonder: aren't there any wise men among the American People to save themselves of the consequences of this obvious trespass and transgression?

The USA and before it the UK were those who invented this Zionist entity in the center of the Arab land in order to divide the Arab and plunder their wealth, as they are doing now in Libya.
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Once again the USA transgresses on the rights of the Palestinian People
Now the USA has come to support the Wicked Zionists of Tel Aviv in their work to annex the Western Bank which it occupied in the year 1967

They won it in a war against Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt. A war where they kicked their ass and prevented these 3 enemies from accomplishing what they wanted. They should never have listened to the u.n. back then and kept the land as spoils of war. Their borders should run from the Dead Sea, through Suez, north to include gaza, west bank and the Golan heights.

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