A call to Iran

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Steps incumbent on the Iranian people and government :

Positive steps should be taken by the Iranian to achieve this goal:
-- Cut the expenditure on the tombs of the imams, and shift it to God's houses of worship: the mosques.
-- Prevent the half-educated men from increasing the enthusiasm of people about the imams and their tombs.
-- Remove the signs and banners from streets and public places .. such signs and banners that encourage the enthusiasm about the imams and their tombs.
-- Encourage and educate people to glorify God alone without associate .. at that time, I guaranty the triumph and dignity for the Iranian people and government .. or else they will deteriorate and their enemy will be set on them.

Wouldn't they be like the people of Prophet Jonah .. when they believed and devoted themselves to God alone without associate --> God shifted the chastisement from them

Quran 10: 98, which means:
([Of all those past nations who disbelieved and were destroyed] if only there had been a community that believed [before the coming of the torment], its belief would have profited them,

except Jonah's people: when [they saw the torment coming on them], they believed [so at that time] We drew off the torment of disgrace from them in the life of the World, and We gave them 'comfort and respite' till the time [of their death appointment.]

quran-ayat.com/hour/an_hour_with_ghosts.htm#Unveiling_of_the_Hidden_Tr uth

For those who know Arabic, see the link:

quran-ayat.com/saa/#%D9%83%D8%B4%D9%81_%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%AD%D9%82%D9%8A %D9%82%D8%A9_
Allahu Akbar!

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Can Jesus, Ali or others create any thing?
Can they provide the provision for anyone other than the provision which God states or decrees for every being?

Quran 30: 40, which means:
(It is God Who created you [people], then provided for you, then [by night] makes you die [through sleeping], then [by day] quickens you [through awaking.]

Is there among your associates, anyone who can do anything of that?

Glory be to Him! High be He exalted above that they associate [with Him!])
.................................................. ...........................

40 d It means: Can your idols, and those whom you worship apart from God, create, provide the provision, revive and kill?

Therefore, if you know they cannot do anything of that, then why do you worship them, while they cannot harm nor profit.

More explanation is in the link:
In Iran’s Hierarchy, Talks With Trump Are Now Seen as Inevitable
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Quote: Originally Posted by Twin_Moose View Post

In Iran’s Hierarchy, Talks With Trump Are Now Seen as Inevitable

They'll get good advice from Putin and Kim on how to flatter him into being Iran's buddy, despite his betrayal of the American people and their allies.
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The enthusiasm about the Prophet and his household
Such enthusiasm is not recommended in the Quran; in fact, God - be glorified - condemned and forbade the enthusiasm in loving the imams and prophets.

Quran 4: 171, which means:
(People of the Book [: the Gospel], do not exaggerate in your religion a)
.................................................. ..............................
171 a i.e. do not exceed the truth in your religion.


quran-ayat.com/hour/an_hour_with_ghosts.htm#Building_the_Graves_Is_a_S in
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Essential point for Iran to get rid of the Coronavirus :

1- Close the shrine and tombs of Imam Riza and other shrines:
Because the infection will spread among the visitors of these tombs and they will spread it more withing the community.

2- Don't pay attention to the idolaters and enthusiastic about the imams and their tombs: those who say, it is the blessing .. while at the same time they prevented the Friday Prayers, which indicate their enthusiasm and idolatry.

3- Take all precautions and measures like avoiding the crowds and cleaning of hands ..etc.

4- First of all pray God alone to save you, but don't pray the imams and the prophet himself, because this will increase the disease among people.

Comment: Once I asked the interpreter of the Quran, Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly: Were there wars in the past years?
He said: There were epidemics which killed large number of people.
I said: And what they did in response?
He said: They made celebrations for Imam Hussein, and then the epidemic would increase more and more.


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