SCRAWLER: Luka Magnotta's fame grows with Netflix doc
Joe Warmington
December 20, 2019
December 20, 2019 9:26 PM EST
Is Luka Magnotta about to break his silence?
There’s a twitter alert that the 37-year-old, locked away for the vicious murder of Jun Lin in Montreal in 2012, is set to go to YouTube.
“Luka himself will be releasing his voice interview on his YouTube channel this weekend — first prison interview in seven years,” says the anonymous LukaMagnottaNews twitter account, adding “this story needs to be told.”
A hint of what that story might be is found in the new wave-making Netflix documentary Don’t F**k With Cats.
Magnotta’s mom Anna Yourkin told the filmmakers there was a “puppet master” behind her son’s actions, which in addition to videotaping Lin’s murder and sending severed body parts in the mail also included him recording video of himself killing kittens.
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Yourkin told me years ago there was another side to the story, but she was looking for compensation to tell it.
This documentary focused on dogged internet sleuths John Green and Deanna Thompson, who helped catch Magnotta, but also presents unanswered riddles.
Was the person Luka called Manny a figment of his wild imagination or real, as his mother insists?
And in one of the videos he posted there seems to be a third hand, suggesting a second person in the room.
Who was that? Manny?
Other than them not knowing how to pronounce Etobicoke, I thought the three-part Don’t F**k With Cats was a well done, suspenseful effort that will be a Netflix hit.
Jun Lin is shown in this undated photo from his personal Facebook page under the name of Patrick Lin.
The underlying point that the diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, born Eric Newman, may have been living in a real-life Basic Instinct-like movie was as an adept observation, as was suggestion that the one-time male escort got from us what he always craved most — fame and attention.
I enjoyed getting to know UK-based director Mark Lewis and partner Felicity Morris who, when in Toronto filming, made a promise that Jun Lin’s memory wouldn’t be forgotten.
They delivered on that.
Meanwhile, is this it for Luka’s story? Will a fourth episode be needed?
Or is this another Magnotta ruse or wild goose chase?
Stay tuned to see if Luka finds a way to get whatever is on his mind out to his vast awaiting public.
A caged baby Jesus is included in a nativity scene at the East End United Regional Ministry on The Danforth. Joe Warmington/Toronto Sun/Postmedia Network)
Christmas is all about the baby Jesus.
But this one is in jail with bars around him.
The East End United Regional Ministry on The Danforth at Jackman Ave., east of Broadview Ave., has on display a baby Jesus nativity scene/crèche — created by artists Michiko Bown-Kai and Jane Sanden — but with a metal cage around it to highlight “justice for migrants and refugees.”
“This image is a reminder that at the heart of a season that can become too quickly focused on festivities, celebrations and gifts, there is a story of a baby’s birth — a brown baby whose family would be fleeing persecution in the coming years, a descendant of migrants and refugees,” reads a message posted at the nativity scene.
“We have created this image because we hope that it will clearly demonstrate the injustice of criminalizing migrants.”
And here I thought Canada and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were the world leaders on proper treatment of immigrants and refugees.
In Canada there is freedom to incarcerate the baby Jesus on the eve of Christmas. And you are free to your opinion on it.
I wonder what Don Cherry will think of the jailed Jesus? I’ll have to tune into Coach’s Corner Saturday to find out.
In this file photo taken on October 22, 2019 Conservative leader Andrew Scheer speaks at a press conference in Regina, Saskatchewan. GEOFF ROBINS / AFP via Getty Images
Well Christmas is here and we are almost at the year with a great number. What will our 2020 vision reveal?
Will Peter McKay, Pierre Poilievre, Jean Charest, Stephen Harper, Mark Saunders, John Tory, Patrick Brown, Rona Ambrose, Rod Phillips or Lisa Raitt be the new Conservative leader to try to take on Trudeau in the next election? I have heard people talking about each.
It will be interesting to see who emerges to replace Andrew Scheer. Maybe there’s a name we don’t have here. I’d like to see Hazel McCallion go for it. She could take on Justin for sure.
Either way, 2020 will be interesting.
Until then, I want to wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah too, You mean a lot to me.
Please watch for my top people of 2019 list and new offerings in 2020. Have a great holiday everybody. Scrawler out!