BRAUN: Here's the poop on the Poop Cafe
Liz Braun
November 27, 2019
November 27, 2019 8:06 PM EST
Offerings at the Poop Cafe in Toronto. (YouTube)
Is Toronto having some kind of anal crisis?
No sooner do police pinch the phantom fecal flinger than news comes that The Poop Cafe ó a place that delights children ó has received a dodgy rating from the food inspector.
The Toronto Public Health food safety program has given Poop Cafe a yellow rating, which is a conditional pass.
As reported by blogTO, the poo-themed restaurant had three infractions: failure to protect food from contamination or adulteration, failure to protect against harbouring of pests and failure to ensure equipment surfaces are sanitized as necessary.
Gross. Get out the Javex. Letís hope the Ďpestsí were nothing more than fruit flies.
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Poop Cafe features desserts served in toilet-shaped dishes, with toilet seats for customers to sit on, lights that look like toilet plungers, poo-themed wallpaper and other excrement-related cuteness. You can see how this sort of bodily function humour would have huge appeal to kids. The restaurant is a popular destination on the strip of Bloor West known as Koreatown.
(The concept probably seemed way more appealing before the recently arrested alleged poo-flinger threw buckets of feces on three students.)
You can find out whether or not your favourite restaurant got a good rating from Toronto Public Health by checking the DineSafe website, which has reports on more than 17,000 city eateries. Itís always nice to know in advance if the spot where you hope to dine has well-behaved vermin.
Feces tossed at students in York, University of Toronto libraries
Feces tossed at students in York, University of Toronto libraries
ODDS AND ENDS: Poop pics and other offbeat offerings
In other gross out news, a recent edition of Barfblog recaps a CBSLA report about how the delivery guy from Ubereats might be munching on your fries or sipping your drink before those items are delivered to you. Think about that the next time you call DoorDash or Foodora.
If thatís not disgusting enough, Barfblog will also let you read all about how many sushi joints in Ireland fail to meet food safety standards, or even about mice in an Amsterdam crepe restaurant. Ewwww!

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