Sick, sick nation

Here is the situation. Government is suing company to get back the sponsorship scandal money. Company is demanding to know who has blown the whistle on the sponsorship scandal. Journalist who broke this news is refusing to reveal his source and everybody is praising a hero journalist who is ready to go to jail, but still refusing to reveal his source.

What seems to me totally sick in this picture is the fact that whistle blower still seem to be scared to come out and take credit for brave action. Have in mind that present Government is the one who should thank this individual for getting to power in the first place. In a normal nation, this individual should be haled as hero, should be awarded 10% (as it is done in U.S.) of the money and it should be considered a criminal offence to have him fired.

So, here is my question: why is Canada such a sick sick sick nation, that it cannot do a simple and right thing, namely, to hail the whistle blower so that there would be no need for a journalist to protect its sources?
lone wolf
Wasn't there a whistle-blower act to protect the person who exposed corrupt corporate practice? Government eh? Rose-scented septic tanks....
For one thing, if the Government sues the Company to get the money back, the company will likely go under, the amount was so great. That means the WB will not have a job anyway. For the amount of money involved he will likely get killed. It is all fine and dandy to say that Canadians are a calmer people and we are above that type of thing, but I prefer to say we are more patient.

We wait till the time is right, and the revenge is sweeter served cold.

This is of course if he hasn't hidden himself already. Fool if he hasn't.

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