Something very sick

I've been pondering whether i should post this all day and I've decide i have to .It just goes to show you how sick some of the wealthy have become .This distured the hell out of me so be warned .Its a sad state of affairs when people think this is fun
Sick bastards
WTF! How could somebody be cruel enough to do that to a puppy? What is the world coming to when people are willing to do that for FUN?
My thoughts exactly another thing they've done is train the sharks
Ocean Breeze
Free Thinker
It is not only is barbaric. The Idle Rich , their toys, and their collective boredom.......(no real purpose in life) so they do this kind of barbaric behavior for the "thrill"........that they spend their life searching for. Anyone that would do this /consider not human anymore. No wonder WARS and such are so acceptable to most of the RICH.

Outside of Texas ????

anyone wanna bet that these cruel and heartless ........are "godfearing" neocons???
Dexter Sinister
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Sick alright, but not quite as Mom's Sick Bastards link describes it.
The dog in the pic looks alive to me Dex and thats plain fecking awful
Ten Packs
With "Photoshop" and it's kin these days, you never know what to believe anymore... except I believe I will have another drink.
Dexter Sinister
No Party Affiliation
Sure, the dog looks alive, and surprisingly calm considering what's supposed to have happened to it. Notice there's no bleeding around those hooks? That picture's a fake.
Yep your probably right but I'm with Ten time for another beer
Ocean Breeze
Free Thinker
Quote: Originally Posted by mrmom2

The dog in the pic looks alive to me Dex and thats plain fecking awful

it is bloody horrific. Even if the pic was doctored up some.....or???........ the fact that someone even considered this type of behavior......let alone acted on it........demonstrates the barbarism / pathology/ primitive levels that "man" will go to........for sadistic "pleasure"???

Just gave my own fur kids an extra special hug......(and poured a drink.....

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