Who tortured the Indians in the Government Sanatariums??

I say there have always been a very high percentage of Jews involved in the Canadian Government and the Government Sanitariums in the Prairies from 1950 and in were run by Jews loyal to the World Health and they often use 'disposable people' for medical experiments and call them 'rats' or 'mice' when writing the reports upo as even they know how illegal and immoral their actions are, They have little fuktards that like to hideout here rather than visit the real world for some honest conversation. Instead they post shit that is the inspiration fir a new thread and it will be a long opening post that may take several pages before it is finished,
Part 1
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The Jews ran the Sanitariums?

If they were from another group your outrage is still missing. On the thread I'll be starting be sure to include the history of the insane fukers who ran the places using taxpayer money. That alone pretty much narrows it down to who they were as well as hoe psychopaths like the loco collective do their best to make that as unknown as possible.

Jewish settlement in the West

See also: Block settlement § Jewish

Graves in Jewish cemetery at Lipton Colony, Saskatchewan, 1916

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, through such utopian movements as the Jewish Colonization Association, fifteen Jewish farm colonies were established on the Canadian prairies;[25] However, few of the colonies did very well. This was partly because, the Jews of East European origin were not allowed to own farms in the old country, and thus had little experience in farming. One settlement that did do well was Yid'n Bridge, Saskatchewan, started by South African farmers. Eventually the community grew larger as the South African Jews, who had gone to South Africa from Lithuania invited Jewish families directly from Europe to join them, and the settlement eventually became a town, whose name was later changed to the Anglicized name of Edenbridge.,[25] [26] [27] The Jewish farming settlement did not last to a second generation, however.[25] Beth Israel Synagogue at Edenbridge is now a designated heritage site. In Alberta, the Little Synagogue on the Prairie is now in the collection of a museum.
At this time, most of the Jewish Canadians in the west were either storekeepers or tradesmen. Many set up shops on the new rail lines, selling goods and supplies to the construction workers, many of whom were also Jewish.[ citation needed ] Later, because of the railway, some of these homesteads grew into prosperous towns. At this time, Canadian Jews also had important roles in developing the west coast fishing industry, while others worked on building telegraph lines.[ citation needed ] Some, descended from the earliest Canadian Jews, stayed true to their ancestors as fur trappers. The first major Jewish organization to appear was B'nai B'rith. Till today B'nai B'rith Canada is the community's independent advocacy and social service organization. Also at this time, the Montreal branch of the Workmen's Circle was founded in 1907. This group was an offshoot of the Jewish Labour Bund, an outlawed party in Russia's Pale of Settlement. It was an organization for The Main's radical, non-Communist, non-religious, working class.[28]
Growth and community organization

The Jewish General Hospital opened in Montreal in 1934.

By the outbreak of World War I, there were approximately 100,000 Canadian Jews, of whom three-quarters lived in either Montreal or Toronto. Many of the children of the European refugees started out as peddlers, eventually working their way up to established businesses, such as retailers and wholesalers. Jewish Canadians played an essential role in the development of the Canadian clothing and textile industry.[ citation needed ] Most worked as labourers in sweatshops; while some owned the manufacturing facilities. Jewish merchants and labourers spread out from the cities to small towns, building synagogues, community centres and schools as they went.
As the population grew, Canadian Jews began to organize themselves as a community despite the presence of dozens of competing sects. The Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) was founded in 1919 as the result of the merger of several smaller organizations. The purpose of the CJC was to speak on behalf of the common interests of Jewish Canadians and assist immigrant Jews.
World War II (1939–1945)

Jewish soldiers fought in the Canadian military during World War II.

Almost 20,000 Jewish Canadians volunteered to fight for Canada during World War II.
In 1939, Canada turned away the MS St. Louis with 908 Jewish refugees aboard. It went back to Europe where 254 of them died in concentration camps. And overall, Canada only accepted 5,000 Jewish refugees during the 1930s and 1940s in a climate of widespread anti-Semitism.[29] A most striking display of antisemitism occurred with the 1944 Quebec election. The leader of the Union Nationale, Maurice Duplessis appealed to anti-Semitic prejudices in Quebec in a violently anti-Semitic speech by claiming that the Dominion government together with Liberal Premier Adélard Godbout of Quebec had secretly made an agreement with the "International Zionist Brotherhood" to settle 100,000 Jewish refugees left homeless by the Holocaust in Quebec after the war in exchange for the "International Zionist Brotherhood" promising to fund both the federal and provincial Liberal parties.[30] By contrast, Duplessis claimed that he would never take any money from the Jews, and if he were elected Premier, he would stop this plan to bring Jewish refugees to Quebec. Though Duplessis' story about the plan to settle 100, 000 Jewish refugees in Quebec was entirely false, his story was widely believed in Quebec, and ensured he won the election.[30]
In 1945, several organizations merged to form the left-wing United Jewish Peoples' Order which was one of the largest Jewish fraternal organizations in Canada for a number of years.[31] [32]
As in the United States, the community's response to news of the Holocaust was muted for decades. Bialystok (2000) argues that in the 1950s the community was "virtually devoid" of discussion. Although one in seven Canadian Jews were survivors and their children, most Canadian Jews "did not want to know what happened, and few survivors had the courage to tell them.' He argues that the main obstacle to discussion was "an inability to comprehend the event. Awareness emerged in the 1960s, however, as the community realized that antisemitism had not disappeared.[33]
Post war (1945–1999)

After the war, Canada liberalized its immigration policy. Roughly 40,000 Holocaust survivors came during the late 1940s, hoping to rebuild their shattered lives. In 1947, the Workmen's Circle and Jewish Labour Committee started a project, spearheaded by Kalmen Kaplansky and Moshe Lewis, to bring Jewish refugees to Montreal in the needle trades, called the Tailors Project.[34] They were able to do this through the federal government's "bulk-labour" program that allowed labour-intensive industries to bring European displaced persons to Canada, in order to fill those jobs.[35] For Lewis' work on this and other projects during this period, the Montreal branch was renamed the Moshe Lewis Branch, after his death in 1950. The Canadian arm of the Jewish Labor Committee also honored him when they established the Moshe Lewis Foundation in 1975.[36]
Since the 1960s a new immigration wave of Jews started to take place. Some South African Jews decided to emigrate to Canada after South Africa became a republic, and was followed by another wave in the late 1970s, which was precipitated by anti-apartheid rioting and civil unrest.[37] The majority of them settled in Ontario, with the largest community in Toronto, followed by those in Hamilton, London and Kingston. Smaller waves of Zimbabwean Jews were also present during this period.

The 40,000 'survivors' would also have included (mostly) collaborators that were allowed in under new names just as they were in the US under Operation Paperclip.


The history of Indian hospitals (1920s - 1980s) in Canada is not as well known as that of residential schools but is as horrific in both its actions and the implication of those actions. This aspect of Canadian history shows that care for the health of Indians was never a priority and never on par with the care available for Europeans. Health care for Indians, such as it was, was motivated by a number of factors that range from keeping as many patients 'interned' as possible to maintain government funding, to ensure a steady number of subjects for medical and nutritional experiments, and to ensure that the European population was protected from exposure to 'Indian tuberculosis.'
"Repeatedly referring to the disease as “Indian tuberculosis,” a common practice among bureaucrats and the medical professionals in the Canadian Tuberculosis Association, was tantamount to racial profiling, and indeed pathologized the very notion of Indianness.” [1]
Segregated medical treatment for Indian patients was the norm in community hospitals where they were treated in the basement or 'Indian annexes' but the outbreak of tuberculosis (TB) introduced segregation on a larger scale.
“Death rates in the 1930s and 1940s were in excess of 700 deaths per 100,000 persons, among the highest ever reported in a human population…..Tragically, TB death rates among children in residential schools were even worse.” [2]
It is important to understand the symbiotic connection between the high incidence of TB in Indians and residential schools. Many of the residential schools, with the overcrowding, malnutrition, and lack of heat were fertile sites for the rampant spread of the highly communicable tuberculosis virus. Children who became infected were sent to the Indian hospitals, and when they showed signs of recovery, were sent back to the residential school. This mutually beneficial arrangement maintained the numbers and funding of both organizations.
Just as it was legal, under the Indian Act, to apprehend Indian children and put them in segregated (residential) schools it was legal to apprehend Indians suspected of having TB and quarantine them. Interestingly, that part of the Act remains today.
“Not yet having achieved the status of “persons,” never mind citizens of Canada, they were susceptible to quarantine or incarceration at the whim of doctors, Indian agents, or government officials. Declaring individuals contagious was a good means of control, keeping them out of trouble or out of circulation while the task of clearing the land was underway.” [3]
In some centres, the local doctor was also the Indian agent.

Jewish immigrants, primarily from Western Europe, began arriving on North American shores by the middle of the eighteenth century. However as proclaimed by law, colonization to New France was restricted to Catholics only. Some Jews circumvented this restriction by converting to Catholicism while others chose to settle further south in British occupied territory. After the fall of New France, Jews began to settle openly in Canada as British rule resulted in more religious tolerance.
The first significant arrival of Jews to Canada was a direct result of the establishment of the British forces. Many Jewish immigrants to Canada arrived as troops of General Jeffery Amherst who overthrew the city of Montreal in 1760. Several of these men chose to remain and within years Montreal's first Jewish community was established. It was this burgeoning Jewish community that built Shearith Israel, Canada's first synagogue in 1768.
In 1831, census results for Upper and Lower Canada listed 197 Jewish people. By 1851 this number had more than doubled to 451. Whereas earlier Jewish settlers were primarily drawn from the ranks of the British military, the Jewish Canadian in the mid nineteenth century was primarily middle class and engaged in business and trade.
Faced with increasing hardship, violence and anti-Semitism throughout Europe, 15,000 Jews immigrated to Canada in the latter half of the nineteenth century. By the outbreak of the First World War, Canada's Jewish population had grown to 100,000. Roughly three-quarters of this Jewish population was located in the cities of Montreal and Toronto. Canadian immigration laws became more restrictive and selective after the First World War with only 15,000 Jews granted entry into Canada.
In the years leading up to and throughout the Second World War, Canada failed to adopt any kind of refugee program. By the time the Nazis came to power in Germany in 1933 and until 1945, it was basically impossible for Jews to seek asylum in Canada. With the end of the war, Canada loosened its immigration policy and by 1949 accepted over 40,000 Holocaust survivors. In following years, Canada was again the destination, this time for many French-speaking Jews, seeking refuge from aggression and volatility in several North African nations.
Today, Canada's 370,000 Jews make Canada home to the fourth largest Jewish population in the world. Most Canadian Jewry lives in the provinces of Québec and Ontario and particularly in the city of Toronto.

Introduction Jews started coming to the Canadian West in the 1880s for the same reasons as other immigrants: to escape religious persecution in their European homelands, and for the promise of vast tracts of cheap land. More specific Jewish reasons for immigration were to escape pogroms in Russia, or to avoid conscription into the Russian Army. Some came for the gold rush, and some were merely following the maxim, “Go West, Young Man.” While many started out in farming colonies run by the Jewish Colonization Association, the Baron de Hirsch Society or the Montefiore Society, most of these ventures eventually failed, as the Jews of Eastern Europe insofar as they had farming experience, were primarily mixed - crop farmers, and the climate and soil of the prairie provinces was not conducive to this kind of farming. It didn’t help that they were mostly given land in the infertile and arid Palliser Triangle. When the failure of their farms forced them to move off their colonies, the Jews tende d to migrate first to the small towns, where they set up general stores . While the general store was the popular choice for a business, there were also Jewish clothing stores, Jewish doctors embarking on their first practice. Jewish teachers and nurses co uld be found in rural areas, as could a number of Jewish farmers, those who raised and sold cattle, fur traders, hotel owners, and auto dealers. There were also Jewish pedlars, who traveled their small town routes and were treated as long - lost relatives wh en they met other Jews in a town or village.
Today is National Doctors Day, an observance established in 1933, affirmed by resolution in the House of Representatives in 1958, and established by federal legislation in 1990. The day is observed by mailing greeting cards to doctors and decorating with red carnations the graves of physicians who have died. Jews, who are currently about 2.5 percent of the U.S. population, made up 60 percent of the medical school application pool in 1934 and only 9 percent in 1988. Currently, about 14 percent of American physicians are Jewish. Today is also the birthday of one of the most famous Jewish physicians in history, Moses ben Maimon (Maimonides), born in Cordoba, Spain in 1135. (See our Jewdayo entry for December 13th, his yortsayt)
Ding, the sound of you getting your bell rung. The last time you 'opened up' you should have swore never to let it happen again. You should be patened as the only self-gutting fish around, and you even double space for the many comments you attract when you a mess like you just did.

Think of me as 'the Cleaner' and you are akin to a 'grease-spot on humanity'. lol Copy and Paste and broadband is so much more powerful than a fountain pen and rolls of cardboard that get tucked away in some dungeon.

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MHz has taken his daily dose of LSD and now sees the world in a novel new light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to 'Ward 65', . . . fuktard.

The door you came through is lacking an 'exit' sign on this side for good reason. There are many exits and none are locked as the point of being here is that you are not the same when you leave.

To prevent you from engaging your feeble brain 'the 65' stands for how smart you should be when you reach that age in a world that allows you to know what is going on over the horizon that pens you in. The option left is it adds up to 11=6+5, but in your assbackwards world 11teen is both your age and IQ

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And he has apparently seen some old TVO documentaries as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'How to think logically in a room full of liars', is a way of life rather than some youtube vid. That being said anything produced in North America until about 1965 was mire truth than fiction, now it is all fiction, bad fiction at that if you have an IQ over 2 digits.

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And of course his Jew HATRED is front and centre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

Really? Rate it on a scale of 1-10.

That which was from the beginning,

which we have heard,

which we have seen with our eyes,

which we have looked upon,

and our hands have handled,

of the Word of life;
(For the life was manifested,

and we have seen it,

and bear witness,

and shew unto you that eternal life,

which was with the Father,

and was manifested unto us
That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you,

that ye also may have fellowship with us:

and truly our fellowship is with the Father,

and with his Son Jesus Christ.
And these things write we unto you,

that your joy may be full.
This then is the message which we have heard of him,

and declare unto you,

that God is light,

and in him is no darkness at all.
If we say that we have fellowship with him,

and walk in darkness,

we lie,

and do not the truth:
But if we walk in the light,

as he is in the light,

we have fellowship one with another,

and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.
If we say that we have no sin,

we deceive ourselves,

and the truth is not in us.
If we confess our sins,

he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins,

and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
If we say that we have not sinned,

we make him a liar,

and his word is not in us.


Nevertheless among the chief rulers also many believed on him;

but because of the Pharisees they did not confess him, l
est they should be put out of the synagogue:

All of Matthew:23 is a sermon to the Jews that hate the Bible. Tears made of ice are not needed here and now so I won'y go over it verse by verse.

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He thinks most doctors and all Psychiatrists are JEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You left out the far larger group, Patients with the best health coverage. 60% docs are going to themselves as their only patients?? Grow the fuk up, this is the here and now.

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Therefore the CIA experiments done in the 1950`s and 60`s MUST BE...............................

This CIA??
Academic Uncovers Troubling 'Ideological' Ties Between DuPont, Nazi Germany

An estimated 150 major US corporations had major business ties with Nazi Germany ahead of and even during World War 2. Now, an Israeli researcher says he has uncovered information that the executives from at least one of those companies had reasons for supporting Hitler beyond the mere profit motive.

Hebrew University doctoral candidate Nadan Feldman has identified what he believes is a web of ideological connections between American chemical giant DuPont and Nazi Germany.
Spending several years digging through financial and regulatory reports and back and forth correspondence between DuPont and the Nazis in US and German archives, Feldman told Haaretz that "the main motive" in cooperation between the Delaware-based firm and German companies like IG Farben, makers of the infamous Zyklon B chemical used at Nazi extermination camps, was ideology, not profit.
The researcher pointed out that DuPont executives began providing support to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in the 1920s, well before the 1932 elections which led to the establishment of the Nazi dictatorship in the country in 1933. In addition to financial support to Hitler, executives allegedly provided financial support to extremist groups in the United States itself, and expressed an interest in causes taken up by the German fascists, such as eugenics and the theory of racial superiority. One of these executives was one-time DuPont president Irenee du Pont, according to Feldman.

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in the poisoned mind of MHz..............................

You have to feed somebody to do that now don't you.

Only in your version of the truth can dying of starvation be considered to be 'a mysterious disease contacted by not washing before a meal' when the meals numbered a big fat fuking zero the whole time..

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a series of JEW ATROCITIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is such a harsh word to use for all the big wars and major plagues man has suffered since 1300AD

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CIA was seeking knowledge of mind control concepts and techniques.....................

I'm nit sure they ended up getting the best advice in the matter considering the body count is always higher than the ones that survive
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for a variety of purposes!!

You misspelled 'torment/torture/terminate'

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During WW2..........................the navy noticed that sailors whose ships had been torpedoed and who ended up drifting in life boats in the freezing Atlantic waters............................................
did not all survive as expected.................................
older men often survived longer than younger stronger ones.............................
apparently a case of mind over matter..........................
some sort of morale issue.........................

The old ones were expecting to be sunk at any moment while the 'boys' were fresh from 'living at home' so the showers they took washed away all the oil that was building up and that insulated them for a few minutes longer. Open water and long distance swimmers will use oil of some sort for the same reason.
Why is your kind so stupid and wrong all the time?

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thus research was begun into ways to strength the mind so the body would survive trouble longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are actually promoting that as the silver lining that came from all the Black Prison that have existed in the last 70 years. That is too fukung low to even get a score, wow.

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In the Korean war it was noticed that very few Turkish prisoners of the Koreans died in the camps as a result of the bad food and ill treatment................................
but many American soldiers succumbed................................
again it was mind over matter......................................

The Yanks willed themselves dead, sounds legit. Bit like that zombie that escaped from NK and was dead before the plane landed in the US.

Which one has the better health care system again??

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and CIA wondered how could such mind power be infused into soldiers?????????????????????

Never been to boot-camp in the US have you?? Prison full of black guys only smaller dicks and higher voices.

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And the old movie "The Manchurian Candidate" got some people thinking...........................

Unlike the reality show that stopped people from thinking permanently if they refused to repeat the 'good lies'.

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in the movie a Yankee soldier captured in Korea was "brainwashed" and hypnotized and made into a weapon so that when the right code was spoken he would assassinate the Yankee President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The guy that escaped into SK was cheered endlessly by the west, even after it was revealed he was a serial killer.

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This was food for thought.........................................

You aren't even a snack.

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COULD modern psychiatry....................................

Compared to 'threats of death' like in the good old days??

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EITHER Yankee or Soviet............................................ .

That is your whole list of who has existed from the beginning of time? Should you be letting people get a look at just how shallow your kind is?? They might not be pleased about that.

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CREATE such an assassin?????????????????????????

I'm more interested in the 10,000 liars that have come after the act. So far the Jews have caught how many 'bad guys' since 1913?? (global scale if you like as that is the worst)

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And then along came Lee Harvey Oswald................................

Snipers always get a good rating.

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the ex- marine and visitor to the Soviet Union.................................

Would that be US Marine?? Those Russians must be good it they did all that on just a 'visit' while the US had him the rest if the time. About time to throw out the white flag IMO.

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who assassinated President Kennedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

In America, under the nose of the CIA and Secret Service. On a scale of 0-10 does that constitute a bigger fuk up than 9/11 or a lesser one??

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And there were rumours that Oswald was the real life Manchurian Candidate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was also supposed to be Fidel's concubine. (as in tranny_

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The drug of choice- meaning LSD- that MHz prefers............................

Compared to your black eyes that would be a 'Yes.'

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was created in hope of influencing mental health patients..................................

Spoken like a true Doktor, your kind would be proud. You do make a good point though, you can get more done with fewer people if you are the Administration rather than the 'hired staff'.

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and CIA sponsored some doctors who fed LSD to a number of mental health patients...............................

There are always exact number yet when it come to coining 'victims' it is always a low-ball number? The insanity plea does not hold water when you know what you are doing is as fuking insane as it gets.

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both in United States and Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can understand why Africa was left out.

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These medical programs were intended to benefit BOTH civilian and military uses...........................

Shooters and targets, let me guess why one side alone got to chose who was who.

Quote: Originally Posted by spilledthebeer View Post

it was hoped that mental health sufferers might be aided.....................................

Fix what you broke is one hell of a way to run a neighborhood. Sorry that should be, 'extract a lot of money to repair what they intentionally broke'.

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and it was hoped that knowledge of advanced and effective interrogation techniques might also be developed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the Canadian Residential School Program grade 1, most will die before grade 2. (Hope you are proud of that parameter)

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It is the usual deal....................................
airplanes can deliver food and medicine to isolated communities....................................
or they can deliver BOMBS....................

The IT allowed for fine flour to be used instead of a blood sacrifice in some instances. Why do you think the Temple Staff always chose to sill blood rather than make some unleavened bread?? Were they crazy that far back??

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so many human inventions are capable of EITHER good or evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really? Any reason you didn't supply the ration for the side that gets the most funding??

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So the point of my little lecture is this............................................

'Little point' 'long lecture' get it right.

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that as always MHz rages against the west generally and against the Jews specifically...................................

You are more than welcome to defend them rather than post the dribble you do.

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using his usual CRUDE and stupid Muslim propaganda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

Liar about even the most basic truths.

Quote: Originally Posted by spilledthebeer View Post

While at the same time MHz IGNORES the HUGE AND RUTHLESS SOVIET campaign that the west was trying to defend itself from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I post from articles published inside the country and unavailable to you otherwise. I should try to come up with a label for somebody who does stuff like that. Maybe even make a movie.

Quote: Originally Posted by spilledthebeer View Post

Logical, comprehensive AND HONEST analysis of the historical record IS NOT something to look for from Muslim propaganda noise makers like MHz!!!!!!!!!!

All those are kept by the Jews and have been for some time, . . . retard.
#4  Top Rated Post
It's always the Joos' fault according to Nazis.....
And such a long friggin' post that nobody bothered to read!
You spelled 'psychopath' wrong.

So What Is It With Jews And Medicine?

YU Museum show looks at the long and complicated history.

The term “Jewish doctor” is a loaded term: it has has inspired countless career goals, guilt complexes and matchmaking frenzies. But the Yeshiva University Museum’s new exhibit, “Trail of the Magic Bullet: The Jewish Encounter with Modern Medicine, 1860-1960," is not intended to be a self-congratulatory Jewish Hall of Fame. The exhibit’s aisles are filled instead with medical instruments, artifacts, images and documents, from a Rembrandt sketch of a Jewish doctor to the first syphilis cure.
“The point of this exhibit is not to say ‘Yeah Jews! Yeah doctors!’” said the exhibit’s curator, Josh Feinberg, as he led a tour of the exhibit for about 15 enthusiastic visitors. Feinberg, who has curated exhibits for Yeshiva University in the past, was contacted again by the museum with this exhibit in mind. “The point of this exhibit is to view the modern Jewish experience through the unique lens of medical history.”
Feinberg began the tour by posing a provocative question: “When I say Jews and medicine, what comes to mind?” A brief silence. Then a diminutive, no-nonsense Jewish grandmother piped in: “Pride.” Others followed with “identity,” “status,” “independence,” “acceptance,” “knowledge,” and, finally, “responsibility.”
Feinberg picked up the ball. “Rambam [Maimonides]? No one said Rambam? That’s usually the first response I get,” said Feinberg, referring to the illustrious 12th-century Jewish scholar and physician; he then launched into the history of Jews and Medicine.

Although that history is a well-traversed topic, the exhibit uniquely focuses on the hundred-year period from 1860 to 1960, one marked by revolutionary scientific discoveries (including the introduction of the scientific process and the wide-scale acceptance of microbiology). The exhibit tackles the question: what drives the longstanding relationship between Jews and medicine?
“There are so many reasons Jews and medicine have such a long, illustrious history, ranging from the purely practical to the ideological,” said Feinberg. “Practically, medicine was a way for Jews to gain acceptance, prestige and make a living. It’s one of the few professions that remained accessible to Jews when many other doors were closed. But, on an even deeper level, the Jews have always placed a special, immutable emphasis on the value of human life.” Recalling one Talmudic tractate of old, he recited, “If you save one life, it’s as you if you saved the whole world.” The portrait of Anna Braude Heller, an acclaimed Polish doctor tending to sick children in the Warsaw Ghetto, makes the message painfully clear.
Serving as a lens on the modern Jewish experience, the exhibit explores three running themes, or “dichotomies.” The first is the dichotomy between anti-Semitism and assimilation. “As much as Jews have tried to fit in and have continually made huge contributions to the medical field, until the mid-20th century, Jews met with resistance,” said Feinberg. A display of medical school applications from the period reveals the incriminating scribble of an admissions officer on a 1933 Columbia Medical School Application: “probably Jewish, but there is no unpleasant evidence of it.”
“To a certain extent, the medical field has allowed us to take care of our own, when need be,” continued Feinberg. “When we came to this country, Jews wanted to show they would not be a burden on society.” A large photograph from 1899 shows hoards of Jewish patients lying out in the sun receiving “sun-treatment” for tuberculosis. “They used to call tuberculosis the ‘Jewish disease,’ even though that was empirically inaccurate,” said Feinberg. The institution built to house these ailing Jewish immigrants was a sanatorium in Denver. “Built by the ‘Hebrews of Denver,’” piped in one member of the tour group. Today, that institution is National Jewish Health Hospital, which has been named the leading hospital in respiratory diseases for 14 consecutive years by US News and World Report.
The creation of Jewish institutions, partly in response to the anti-Semitism Jews faced in the medical field, is a focal point of the exhibit. “Quotas on Jewish students entering medical schools were unspoken, but all too real,” said Feinberg, standing before a large photograph of Albert Einstein receiving an architectural model of the college named in his honor, The Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University’s medical school in the Bronx. “We chose to bookend the exhibit in 1960 because that’s when these quotas were finally lifted, thanks in great part to the Civil Rights movement,” said Feinberg.
But Jewish medical institutions were not just built as a reaction to anti-Semitism. The second theme the exhibit explores is the dichotomy between Jewish particularism and universalism, the use of medicine to contribute to society as a whole. “When it comes to medical history, there is a constant shifting of focus from within, to without,” said Feinberg. “It would be a grave mistake to think these institutions were only built to help and cater to Jewish needs. Jewish contributions to the medical field have always been marked by an explicit determination to better society as a whole.”
A large section of the exhibit is dedicated to a history of Jewish Public Health Institutions, including the Society for the Protection of Jewish Health, OZE, established in 1921 in Saint Petersburg; today it operates 91 medical facilities in 10 European, nine Latin American, and four North African countries. “We start by looking in, but the vision of Jews in the medical field never stops there — it was always fueled by a greater, broader desire to improve the world,” said Feinberg.
The third theme, “perhaps the most sensitive, and the most relevant,” said Feinberg, is the relationship between science and tradition. “While our tour is bookended on one side by the waning of anti-Semitism in the medical field, our tour begins with the advent of ‘modern’ medicine. It’s a time when things we take for granted today, like the Germ Theory, first became widely accepted. Microbiology, bacteriology, a new dominance of the scientific process — it’s the medicine we know today,” said Feinberg. “Harmonizing a modern, scientific world view with long-standing religious beliefs was bound to be a challenge, and remains one today.”
As to be expected, the challenge of meshing modernity and tradition was met in different ways by different Jews. The exhibit, profiling five noted Jewish doctors, juxtaposes their responses to this challenge. Waldermar Haffkine (1860-1930), inventor of the world’s first vaccine for cholera and the Bubonic plague, fought to maintain a strong Orthodox identity in the face of a rapidly changing world. On display are some of his personal reflections, including, “the faith which binds together the Jews has not been harmed by the advance of research, but, on the contrary, has been vindicated in it’s profoundest tenets.”
41 flavours of crazy.
I'm not supporting the continued torment of a disadvantaged people, a large number of people, that is you and the rest of the fuking psychopaths around here.

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