I'm presently flying a 1957 Canadian red Ensign on a 4-metre outdoor flagpole with a 5-metre lenghtof solar-powered white fairy lights wrapped around the pole.

Some of my neighbours who don't know me well (and who might never have even met me) have been questioning whether the residents at our address are flying it to express some nationalist ideology or other. That questioning makes me quite uncomfortable so I'm thinking of not replacing the Red Ensign once it becomes sun bleached probably in the next couple of months (since I had bought a pretty high-quality flag with UV protection). In addition to that, my wife doesn't care much for that flag either: she liked the idea initially but has heard of its negative reputation too as a flag the 1921 version of which Canadian nationalists fly and which the general public easily confuses with the 1957 version that we're flying.

The question then becomes what to replace it with.

With just one flagpole, I'll probably replace it with a 1965 flag at least for now; but I'm thinking of expanding it to a total of four 4-metre flagpoles by next summer, each wrapped with a 5-metre length of solar-powered white fairy lights, with the flags appearing, in order of appearance from the viewer's left to his right:

1. the flag of Canada (https://ca.magflags.net/120x200-ca.html),
2. the flag of the United Nations (https://ca.magflags.net/90x150-un.html),
3. the flag of the Qing Dynasty (https://ca.magflags.net/90x150-xx-qi...1889-1912.html), and
4. the Esperanto flag (https://ca.magflags.net/90x150-xx-esperanto.html).

My wife recommended that we include the Qing Dynasty flag. Though she likes the idea in principle, she wants me to wait till next year to think about it.

I've learnt my lesson by flying the Canadian Red Ensign. This time, I want to be sure that whatever flag (or combination of flags) we display won't cause people to misinterpret their meaning.

If you hapened to pass buy a house that displayed the above on its front property, how would you react to it?