Chihuahua DNA Cracks Tax Fraud Case-A Incredible Story

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Incredibly long & funny the Chihuahua is funny looking the Poodle looks like a goof and the humans are criminals-what's not to like?

Heredity or hoax?
How dog DNA helped uncover a suspected Indian status scam

When Louis Côté became suspicious of a Toronto-based laboratory that tests people's DNA to determine their ancestry, he decided to try an experiment by submitting a sample from his girlfriend's dog for analysis.

According to the results, Côté shares more than a friendship with Snoopy the chihuahua; they share the exact same Indigenous ancestry.

"I thought it was a joke," Côté said. "The company is fooling people … the tests are no good."

A subsequent CBC News investigation has found there are not only concerns about the accuracy of the DNA tests but also about the possible fraudulent use of cards resembling certificates of Indian status to secure tax exemptions the holders aren't entitled to.

Côté, from Mascouche, Que., says he first became skeptical of the results produced by DNA testing company Viaguard Accu-Metrics last summer while working with a group called the Confederation of Aboriginal People of Canada (CAPC).

The group says it was established to support the interests of off-reserve Indigenous people, but it's not recognized by the national Assembly of First Nations or the Canadian government.

A number of CAPC's members aren't part of any First Nations community and don't have Canadian government-issued Indian status. (Those with official Indian status can use their status cards to obtain tax exemptions for things such as on-reserve retail purchases and income tax, and to get access to health care, social programs and education. Some provinces also allow exemptions to the provincial portion of sales taxes for off-reserve purchases.)

Instead, CAPC members rely on the results of DNA testing for proof of their Indigenous ancestry.

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Back in the 70s& 80s many bands were selling status by "adopting" anyone with the right amount of cash. Instant status card.
Yah most of these DNA companies are full of shjt scam artists.