'DIFFICULT TO COMMENT': Polish company receives backlash for 'Hitler sock' design

'DIFFICULT TO COMMENT': Polish company receives backlash for 'Hitler sock' design
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February 28, 2018
February 28, 2018 3:55 PM EST
A Polish sock company is receiving backlash for designing footwear that appears to resemble former Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.
The Auschwitz Memorial slammed the look on social media, tweeting it was “difficult to comment” on Nanushki’s product.
According to the New York Post and Daily Caller, the sock-maker altered the product’s online description, which reportedly read the footwear was intended “to bring order to the sock drawer” while deliberating a “plan to conquer the world.”
The current description on Nanushki’s Instagram page refers to the $10 socks as “Patrik,” a businessman and philanthropist who has a weakness for fast cars.
A representative of Poland’s Never Again Association told the Daily Mirror the socks “show a total lack of moral sense,” especially in a nation where right-wing extremism appears to be on the rise.
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‘DIFFICULT TO COMMENT’: Polish company receives backlash for ‘Hitler sock’ design | Toronto Sun
I'm sure Hitler would have been proud of being immortalized a pair of socks. All the cool kids are.

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