Hello everybody:

My wife and I are thinking to move to Canada, we are very interested in apply as a federal skilled worker. We are in our 40s and we have two daughters. In our country, in South America, I work in IT area for an airline in managing IT projects. I have more than 10 years of experience in this job and 18 years like system engineer. Also I’m PMP (Project Manager Professional) certified.

Our motivation to move to Canada is to get a job in our experience field and we want to study (course our daughters, my wife and I). We want to live in a country with high standard of life and stability, security, services of health, etc. We want to learn the culture and the form of life and work, then become be part of the society as well as to also contribute in its development.

So, if anybody has any suggestions for us to develop in better way our plans, we appreciate a lot your advices, for example:
  • We are thinking to live in Mississauga, Ontario, because we believe that is better to start our new life in a small city near to big cities.
  • Which airlines companies are good to contact to get a job? It is possible to work like a volunteer in a company for a period of time in order to become familiarized before get a job?
  • Our children are bilingual (Spanish-English), can somebody recommend us a school?
  • What is the average for renting an apartment?
  • We have a small and educated dog. We really don’t want to leave it, because “Princesa” is part of our life, what are your recommendations about this subject?
Thanks in advance for your comments and advices.