Outrage as US baby wig craze hits Britain

Another great American addition to "culture." And, as usual, its contribution is something obscene and vulgar.

Outrage as US baby wig craze hits Britain

29th September 2006

The Bob Marley and Samuel L Jackson look.

It's never too long before the latest craze to sweep America makes its way to the UK but most would wish this one really hadn't.

Celebrity wigs designed for babies up to nine months old and are set to hit the market, to the outrage of children's charities.

There's a Bob Marley style dreadlock wig, a Samuel L Jackson afro as seen in movie Pulp Fiction and a Donald Trump comb-over - perhaps for that mature look.

For the girls there's flowing pink locks based on singer Lil' Kim.

But Michelle Elliott of Kidscape said as well as unnecessary the wigs could be dangerous.

"This is ridiculous. Any parent who buys one of these wigs for their child needs their head examining."

Wigs are incredibly uncomfortable for a start. Babies are wonderful but dirty little things and the last thing they need is a wig."

The wigs are manufactured by California-based firm BabyToupee and cost 14.

The firm's website says its aim to "show that while parenting can be a great responsibility, it can also be a source of endless amusement."
Founder Graham Farrar said: "Having a baby doesn't mean you have to stop having fun or do everything by the book. We don' take ourselves or our products too seriously."

lol !!!!!!!!!


Muddying around in the anti-American dirt again are ya?

This time toddler wigs?

You have hit a new pinnacle in topics with which to bash your cousins on the other side of the Atlantic.

I think secretly you are upset because those little furry inventions are too small a fit for your large head.

With the exception of you because I consider you a deviation from the norm, I adore and idolize the wonderful people who inhabit the U.K. - who are great friends, fantastic allies, beautiful, kind, honest and intelligent denizens of our global world and thank god for them. I could never spend the hours you do finding things to insult or embarrass a nation of people you probably know very little about.
This coming from the people who gave us the Spice Girls, pot meet kettle...
I love it ,

l wonder if they have a two-piece hair and glasses set of CRAZY KIM...no actually that would be cruel, the poor mite would have to get the same hopelessly stupid expression!!!

If you purchase several, perhaps one for every day of the week, you would IN FACT providing a great public service. I mean that people will see a funny child and a parent with a sense of humor, and through their smiles and laughter you will be contributing as naturally releasing endorphines flow into their system.

The baby will respond to all the postive energy by being even more happier and the postiive cycle continues...

Blackleaf, I enjoy your posts. The baby wig phenomenon is just more fodder for the horse who neighs- 'ain't the world getting stupider?'
Granted, we're awash in the idiotic. IQ is in short supply. What to do about it? I don't know. I'm constantly amused at how bizarre western culture is getting. And we think, in the midst of all this, that ours is the superior choice for the world. It's not. What will replace it, I assure you, will be just as shocking. But a helluva lot more focused.

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