Read the following four lines:

Hot Gal
Hi Mum

Now Read the following four lines:


Quick- without looking back what were the top 4...
what were the bottom 4...

Now I suspect that unless you are Said1, Socrates or DB, you only got the top 4 right. This is my point. Why do people pay upwards of $100 for the top kind of plates???? You want to buy the bottom ones... Here's how you get your money's worth....

You have parked your car in the ambulance bay at the hospital while you went to the pub next door, and now you find that you have been ticketed. Well, as your name is Jane Sue Smith, you have vanity plate "JSS" Unfortunately, there is little chance that the officer wrote your plate down wrong on the ticket, and it is hard to claim to the judge that JSS doesnt sound like your car!
However, if your plate is E9JUX54M, then even if your ticket is correctly written, you can claim that it must have been plate
E9IUX54M. Any judge would have to admit this is a possible error.
Bingo! Case dismissed....You just saved yourself $132 parking fine!!!

You are driving down the highway on a gorgeous hot sunny day at slightly above the acceptable speed limit of 145 km, when Mr. Policeman pulls you over. Now, as he is standing beside your car, writing out your ticket, gazing down at your distressed, heaving, 38 DD decolletage, unfortunately, he will still get your vanity plate "XRATED" correct. BUT, if your plate is 0LU76TA3, then you have a good chance that in his distraction, he will write OIU76TA3.
This will be an invalid ticket of course. Case Dismissed. You just saved $243 and two demerit points!!!!

You are pulling out of the hospital parking lot after having your wisdom teeth pulled out, and in your time of distracting pain, you have grazed the side of the surgeon's yellow Ferrari. Now, Im not advocating any hit and run kinda stuff, but- hey we all occasionally do that dinging thing too, dont we? Anyway, as the surgeon comes running out to his baby, you bet that as you screech off, he is still gonna get your plate "SUCKER" and remember it. BUT, if your plate was 8YT5BN1P, then he might be forgiven for getting it wrong in his distress!!!!!! You get away without a nasty confrontation, and Case Dismissed...you just saved yourself $ 4,987!

Just a thought..... I'm gonna go buy up all the above difficult plate numbers and auction em off on ebay!!!