Free PHP Hosting?

Anybody know any *trustworthy* sites that would host .php files? I'm wanting to try the language, and I found this good site to host .php files, but they currently disabled signups. Does anyone know a good, free site? Thanks in advance.
Wow, I get an account there, and it is so confusing to find the page where you can create a PHP file? Does anyone else have a nice site for PHP-enabled hosting?
Hrmm, it's a hard task Ginger_Ale. I remember virtualave and hypermart both offered CGI and I think php back in their day, but no more! We're talking like 1998 since I even opened a free hosting account, let alone used one. might have some answers, just use their search function. had free hosting with mysql and php, so yeah, check them out too.
Ooh, ok, yay, I finally got it to work! I made my first PHP file, test.php, and it's code was:

$browser=$_SERVER["HTTP_USER_AGENT"] ;
echo "Hello, user with: $ip for an IP Address. You are using $browser to view this site, are you not?";

Very fun.

They are very good... They host GM, LG... etc. They are a really trustworthy host..
free hosting is a thing of the past man. you gotta pay for those nice features now, and not even geocities can run php.
Geocities sucks

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