Packet attacks

I'm currently a sympatico user, and at times I am attacked from other IRC users who don't like me.

Would I get charged for bandwidth use if someone attacks me with packets?
Bob Carrick
Unfortunatly yes. But the best thing to do is shut down for ten minutes recommend and get a new IP then that person can not attack you anymore cause they don't have the new IP address.
I'm a Rogers user, and when they put the cap on us, is there anyway to stop the packeting?

Even though Rogers has stated it's service is "Dynamic in Nature", I've had the same IP address since December 2001 and ipconfig /release, ipconfig /renew and any other tools dont work!

I don't really get any attacks personally, but just incase, is there any way around that?

Thanks in advance.
Bob Carrick
Really only way is too shut down the modem.
Just a follow up to Bob's post. Some modems wont release just on a quick power down and power up. There are a few brands out there that require a 5-10 minute power down to release the information.
The ip is bound to your MAC adress of your network card which means that if you put a new network card in, your ip will change...the only other way is to unplug your modem just before your lease expires and then plug it back in so that your modem will contact the DHCP server and grab a new IP.