Attention all current sympatico users.

With the recent 'caps' put on your account, you have been limited to 5 gigs of monthly data transfer per month. (thats about the size of a few games and a movie download). Thats in TOTAL!

If you are staying with this sympatico service, I advise you to uninstall ALL filesharing applications. These programs can literally kill your 5 gigabytes in as little as a few hours. (some file-sharing programs use upto 150kbytes/s constantly).

Please, do yourself a favour and GET RID OF FILESHARING for now, until you can find an alternate service!
awww, that's so bad.... For $50+ per month
Bob Carrick
Here are very easy and legal ways to break the caps, which I've been fighting for months with the press the petition etc.
www.look.ca offers dsl, wireless ,isdn, dial up, and t1 lines...
they are canadian and have been goign strong for quite some time...oh and they also sell they're own digital tv through wireless antenna's have a look..i did.
Bob Carrick
They have not been going on strong for some time now. They've been pulled from bankruptcy twice and are now owned by TeleGlobe which is 90% owned by Bell (and also ready for bankruptcy, Teleglobe that is not Bell). So not an ISP I would go around recommending. They may be good, but I'd be careful.
I'm with rogers and have downloaded 22gb so far this month

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