Alternatives for DSL

If anybody knows of ANY alternatives to Rogers & Sympatico in the North of Toronto area, please please please, let me know!
There is one I know of in the Toronto area.
Information Gateway Services: 1-800-268-3715

There are a few more. I think they service most of Ontario and Quebec. Enjoy.
oh, yeah... thats DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) as opposed to Sympatico.

(dont forget dialup is an option, lol!)
"IGS" looks like a good bet. I don't know how developed the company is. The web site looks terrible. hehe.
Bob Carrick
I've got three providers listed here: (IGS is one of them)
Also (as of tommorow) will allow you to search for an ISP anywhere in Canada, all for free and all on the fly, ISPs register themselves and their services and end users can search via multiple fields.
Thanks a lot for that Mr. Carrick. I've been on your site before, but couldnt quite remember the URL. I'd also like you personally for the initiative you have taken in the dsl/cable community it's self.

Well done, and thanks
Bob Carrick
Thanks for the kind words. I just did that interview with the Globe and Mail Business Report, but they can't tell me when it will be published, about the caps and our fight against them. As well as On June 20th Ottawa Citizen Tech Weekly section (cover) there is a large article on the caps.
SumOfAllFears, IGS looks good... I might switch to them!
it seems Sympatico is not the only one with bitcaps. Tytel has a 20gb p/month cap (not so bad). FOr $44.95 per month, including modem rental, you get a 1.5mb connection, I believe you can run servers of any kind.
Bob Carrick
Most providers actually have caps now, but more respectable caps. See to search for a provider anywhere in Canada.
these guys offer wireless line of site connections at grreat speeds... try them we have them at work...ww
Bob Carrick
K, you've posted about look three times as a Guest... SPAM? Either way they are owned by TeleGlobe, who is ready for bankruptcy, but which is also 90% owned by Bell. So Caps are coming, if they don't go bankrupt, which they've been pulled form twice before.

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