Problem with Windows 98

I am having a problem with windows 98, if I leave my computer on and the monitor blanks out, I come back and move the mouse and nothing happens. I dont know whats going on, someone told me to change some option somewhere before but i forgot what it was. please help
This is a simple solution, or one of a few you COULD use, here we go:

Open Control Panel.
Double Click Power Management.
Change Turn off monitor to Never.
Click Apply, OK.

Optionally if you dont want your hard drive going to "sleep" you could change that option to Never as well. Let me know how this works for you
Try looking for some patches on the windows upadte site...there might be a patch for it.
Unfortunately, ever since they started on winme, win2000 and especially winxp, they sort of stopped supporting windows 98.
Yes, there are no win 98 patches for the above problem. There are however ones for if your hard-drive powers down and windows wont power it back up. I guess they didnt think a patch to make your video come back to life was necessary. Just disabling that option will fix the problem anyways.

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