England's over-60s walking footballers beat Italy to lift trophy

Tommy Charlton, the younger brother of 1966 World Cup winners Jack and Bobby has, like his brothers, helped England to lift a trophy - in the first ever over-60s walking football tournament.

England beat Italy 3-1 at Brighton & Hove Albion's Amex Stadium in the Just International Cup, with left-footed Tommy having two good chances to score which were saved by the keeper.

England beat Italy in walking-football with Charlton brother

BBC News
13 May 2018

The England team raise the trophy after the game

The brother of World Cup heroes Bobby and Jack Charlton has lifted a trophy for England as part of the over-60s walking-football team.

At 72, Tommy Charlton represented his country against Italy in the first ever international tournament, at Brighton's Amex Stadium.

England won 3-1, with left-footed Tommy having another two good chances to score which were saved by the keeper.

The game bans running and strong physical contact between players.

Tommy Charlton was forced to retire from football when he was 24

He was joined on the over 60s squad by Alan Kennedy, 63, winner of two European Cups with Liverpool.

Before the game Jack Charlton, 83, sent Tommy a good luck message from himself and Bobby, 80.

It said: "Hope you have a good game. Thinking of you. Sorry we can't be there but I know you will be brilliant.

"Both Bobby and myself are incredibly proud of the fact that at the tender age of just 72 you are able to follow in the family footsteps and get to play for England. So very proud of you Tom."

Sir Bobby Charlton (right) and brother Jack (second left) won the World Cup with England in 1966

The grandfather of six was just 20 when he watched his two elder brothers help England beat West Germany in the 1966 World Cup final but he was forced to retire from amateur football aged 24 through injury.

He now plays for the Mature Millers club in Rotherham and earned his own international call-up after impressing during a trial at Burnley in March.

In a separate game for the over 50s, England beat Italy 2-0.

England beat Italy in walking-football with Charlton brother - BBC News
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