for the love of pink houses,husband says "No"

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As long as I can remember I have had a love affair with pink houses,I am not sure where this all started,or what made me take notice of pink houses.Was it the song,"Pink Houses that started my interest about having my own pink house,as I recall it started long before this song.This whole pink thing is interesting because I am not a pink girl,I am a mountain woman.Just recently I have have been flirting with the colour pink,as the colour of white in my clothing,I am a big believer there is big girl pink,and little girl pink,and of course the fabric makes all the difference in the clothing aspect of pink.I don't have the money for much,but I think I am going to invest in a pink silk custom dress,I think I will.My love of pink houses started long before my experimenting with wearing pink.My friend had a pink and black living room,it was pepto bismal pink,her drapes were rich black,it was a beautiful decorating put together,there are many pinks,i do believe I have a fondness for pepto bismal pink,then again I could see my house being sort of Mexican pink...oh gracious,I would always being known as the woman who lives in the pink house,or more so my house can be a landmark,"when you get to the pink house,keep going straight". I hope solicitors would worry about who lives in that pink house and not approach it,I think there is lots of benifits to living in a pink house.I think the song pink houses is fitting for our home,it all makes sense.
I am working on my husband,he does not want to be living in a pink house,I remind him, what do you know about design?He reminds me everything,I am working hard for that pink house,stucco pink,soft pink,google me your favorite pink house,multiple opinions is always helpful.
How about you sweet readers,do you remember pink houses?pink rooms?pink anything?keep it clean.
Here's one in Italy:



The American South:

And another one in England:

I was never a fan of pink until most recently when I met a staff member who lives in pink...mostly her whole wardrobe is pink. It started me thinking pink again. When I paint my walls I want white but apparently a hint of pink added to the paint is supposed to look fantastic. I am going to look into that.

I once knew a person who sold Mary Kay. She had a pink Cadillac, it was the talk of the town.

I am a bolder kinda gal...more of a red and black person. When I was growing up I did my bedroom in red, black and white. I still love black and red but pink is a definite maybe. Yup.
I like the John Mellencamp tune

Eaton House, Essex

"Mr Blobby" house, Southend, Essex

This pink house in the Lake District is, for some reason, actually white:


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