Once, at a summit during World War Two, someone mentioned De Gaulle, who was famous for being a prima donna.

Winston Churchill replied "Don't mention de Gaulle. We call him "Joan of Arc" and are desperately searcing for a couple of Bishops willing to burn him."


When I took Twentieth Century History in university, we were asked to do an essay on one of that century's major influences. A woman in the class (a Francophone nun) chose de Gaulle. As it happened, we had another Quebecois in the class, a woman who fled Quebec when Rene Levesque's PQ came to power.....a woman with no sympathy for the separatists, and none for de Gaulle, after the "Vive le Quebec libre" thing.

Needless to say, our class discussion on de Gaulle was interesting.

After a few minutes of sniping back and forth, the poor nun finally fell back to her final defensive position..."Say what you like, but you can not deny that Charles de Gaulle truely loved FRance."

"He should have", was the Quebecois' reply, "he f@#ked her long enough!"

End of discussion, amongst much laughter.
In a poll on French TV for the greatest Frenchman Napoleon came 16th. Charlie came first.

Churchill championed De Gaulle but came to detest him. He once said: 'Everyone has their cross to bear and mine is the cross of Lorraine.'

Later Nato bore the cross.
I don't like anything that's French.

Hopefully, the Olympic Stadium that's being built for the 2012 London Olympics won't be called plain old Olympic Stadium as most of them seem to be. It should be Trafalgar Stadium, as we beat Paris in the bid to host the Olympics in the same year that we also celebrated the 200th anniversary of nelson's victory in the Battle of Trafalgar.
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Blackleaf wrote:

I don't like anything that's French.

How would we ever have guessed?