Swearing at aliens.

Here's a poser for you: you're a member of a highly-advanced alien civilisation and have just travelled to Earth in your hyperdrive-powered craft intending to enjoy a long-weekend break. The trouble is, you can't decide whether to:

a) nip over to rural Idaho, abduct a farmhand and anally probe him before modifying his DNA and dumping him back on the highway; or
b) pop down to Billingley in Yorkshire and leave a cryptic message for humanity in a corn field:

To see the picture, which I won't show in this thread, go here: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/02..._profanity.jpg

Well, it beats crop circles for crowd-pleasing entertainment value. Quite who Eddie is and why his name is writ large in rural England, we'll leave that to readers to explain.

ROFL ... intergalactic fame? Lucky Eddie!

I love crop circles ... want to get one tattooed on me but most of them are incredibly complex and mathematically rigid. Maybe that's what I'll do on my back!

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