Next August, Europeans, Britishers, Scandinavians and Canadians could awaken to find their access to safe, life-enhancing vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements cut off permanently by a UN committee acting on behalf of a threatened pharmaceutical cartel whose costly chemistry kills more than a hundred thousand North Americans every year.

Americans could soon find themselves in similar straits. But resistance is huge. With verdicts for lawsuits filed in Canada, Britain and the EU still pending, 547 million cyber citizens have emailed their objections to the EU Parliament. Learn more, and join the fight for your health freedom here.

Many Europeans have already seen supplements disappear from store shelves. And the rest of the European Union is slated to join them on August 1, 2005. At least 75% of all vitamin and mineral forms will be banned.

Losing health freedom is drastic and permanent. In Norway, implementation of the Food Supplements Directive has already seen the price of zinc tablets leap from $4 per bottle to $52. The ancient immune-enhancing herb Echinacea has gone from an accessible $14 to a prohibitive price of $153. As for Omega-3, Omega-6 and cod liver oil—these essential natural oils are so effective at maintaining good health, they will no longer be sold in the UK or the EU.

The fact that cigarettes are still being sold, while vitamin C is already banned in France, Germany, Sweden and Scandinavia exposes an “illness industry” whose profits depend on keeping customers sick—and cures out of reach.

“It's not to their advantage if we're healthy,” says health freedom fighter John Hammell. “They don't make business with health they make business with disease. Anything that will make you sick or will keep you sick, or keep you going into their hospitals to see their doctors to get drugs is what they want. It's as simple as that.”

While prescription drugs do prolong some lives, the cost continues to be extreme. The cadaverously cold fact is that the American medical establishment continues to be the leading cause of death and injury in the USA. Every year, more than two million patients experience adverse drug reactions. At least 125,000 of them die from adverse reactions to drugs that should never have been prescribed. Another 175,000 Americans die annually from properly prescribed and administered pharma drugs. An additional 16,000 Americans are killed every year taking aspirin.

Looking at dozens of clinical studies, the American Medical Association has concluded, “Most people do not consume an optimal amount of all vitamins by diet alone.” In order to avoid “cardiovascular disease, colon and breast cancer; osteopenia and fractures” and “several chronic diseases,” the AMA advises, “it appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements.”

Essential for all life, vitamins and minerals can't kill because the body quickly metabolizes these substances it recognizes and excretes excess.

Instead of regulating extremely dangerous pharmaceuticals, a “scientific” committee led by Codex chair Dr. Rolf Grossklaus, and Randy Dennin from the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has established “safe upper limits” for supplements based on the same Nordic Ministries Council recommendations that have already eliminated consumer access to high-potency vitamins in Denmark and Norway. “Codex regulations are not based on science or research findings,” protests Dr. James Howenstine. MD Alan Gaby analyzed the “Safe Upper Limits” about to be imposed by Codex. Dr. Gaby called the attempt to curtail vitamin and mineral access worldwide, “One giant step backward” after non-scientists set the SULs “well below doses which have been used by the public for decades with apparent safety.”

What would happen to pharmaceutical profits if the two biggest North American killers—cancer and heart disease—could be mostly prevented by daily nutritional supplementation with safe plant products?
What about billions of dollars in drugs sales to treat depression, swollen prostates, or high blood pressure?

The real risk, German scientist Gerd Stueckler told the Codex evaluation committee, “lies mostly in the lack of sufficient nutrients. I must conclude that the whole Codex Alimentarius endeavor is not about protecting the world's public health but that it is only about protecting the profits of pharmaceutical companies and the profits of the health industry in general and that the WHO is willing to support the enforcement of a genocide on a worldwide scale.”

Resistance to this UN-abetted global corporate hijacking was immediate. In 1993, when the FDA and its pharma-hiring sponsors tried to put all supplements under prescription, more than four million angry Americans told Congress and the President to protect their freedom of choice. In 2001, when Codex kicked into high gear, some 180 million protest letters flooded their UN office. More recently, 547 million people clicked on petition450.org and emailed an online protest to the EU Parliament, crashing the government server.

South Africa has already denounced and declined the Codex classification of food as drugs. Observing that the rich cultural heritage of the world’s earliest civilizations in Africa, Central America, China and India is far older than the 150-year-old history of interventionist allopathic medicines, health minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang said that her health department “would like to avoid the pitfall of putting such products in the same regulatory environment as pharmaceutical drugs, whose testing and control is very different.”

The government also announced that traditional African herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines, and similar natural food products would not have to go through rigorous drug testing. More than 80% of South Africans spend three- billion Rand a year on traditional, homeopathic and other complementary medicines.

In October 2004, outraged legislators introduced Bill C-420 to block Health Canada’s latest attempt to take 60,000 natural products off shelves visited by millions of families.

In London, the attempt to transform the EU directive into British law has also been challenged in court by a pan-European coalition calling themselves the Alliance for Natural Health.

The European Court of Justice is dealing with the WHO’s attempts to further restrict access to supplements across the EU. the International Court in Luxemburg also heard a case claiming that Codex violates the EU Constitution. America an increasingly sick society. The World Health Report 2000 ranks the United States 12th in a 13 country survey of 16 health indicators—including infant mortality and life expectancy between one and 40 years. Thomas Smith reports that over half the American population exhibits symptoms of diet-related diabetes and hypoglycemia, with Adult Onset Diabetes “routinely noted in six-year-old children.”

“our medical community is a commercial venture organized to make money for its practitioners,” Smith explains. Today the average medical doctor receives three hours or less training on nutrition—despite the fact that our bodies are constructed entirely of what we eat and drink.”

Can we win the vitamin wars?


“ The equation is simple,” says Hammell, whose early efforts almost single-handedly preserved and protected American health freedoms. “There are a handful of investors wanting to continue benefiting from diseases and war and there are the interests of more than 6 billion people in a world without disease and without war. The outcome of this battle is certain. We, the people, will win it, but more and more people need to join.”