In the beginning we'd fist witnessed econmic globalization.
While this process is still going on, in some parts of the world we're starting to witness political globalization.

Yet all these forms of globalization seem to be more for pragmatic reasons or for hopes of personal gain among it's participants, rather than a true sense of 'global citizenship', or common identity with our fellow man. Is it now time to start moving in the direction of cultural globalization as well?

For instance, should we just let the larger languages of the world exterminate the minority ones, along with the ethnic conflict this naturally drags up, or ought we to also try to come to an agreement on an easy-to learn second language which would be less threatening to minority languages, and which would likewise contribute to a greater sense of common identity with those with whom we can actually communicate worldwide (i.e., everyone)?

Ought we to introduce inter-faith education in schools so as to help students to better understand their neighbours of different religious persuasions around the world, thus reducing inter-religious tensions which are currently brewing around the world?

Ought nations consult on educational issues to see where our schools might be able to agree on common curricula? This, obviously, can potentially touch very sensitive nerves. Immagine, for instance, that we should want to standardise the teaching of history in school. How would Japan take it when discussing how the Sino-Japanese war ought to be tought in school? But on the other hand, a more similar universal curriculum would certainly help students to be able to understnd one anotehr better too. After all, if the Japanese text-books and those of other countries teach a different account of that history (even if what the book says isn't totally false but still has a clear bias), then without a doubt these students will see the world differently too, thus again creating a barrier to mutual comprehension and a true sense of common identity and concern for all even outside our borders.

I don't have a clear idea of where I want to go with this thread, other than discuss how to breathe some human life into globalization rather than just making it all about nothing but money and politics. It's obvious that globalization is here to stay, so there's no point fighting against it. On the other hand, how can we at least make it contribute to our common betterment rather than having it become an increasingly potent sourse of international and ethnic conflict as globalization makes the world smaller.

Your thoughts?