Tourette's Syndrome

I find it strangely amusing that my first cousin,a Catholic priest,has been diagnosed with this disease. If it is genetic,does this mean I might sometimes break out in prayer? Naturally,my cousin has been relieved of most of his priestly duties-the church has had enough problems lately.
It's not genetic. It's a obsessive compulsive disorder.

So he was defrocked over a condition he has no control over? Hmmm. Imagine what Jesus would think about that.
Oh...not sure you would get away with that here- what with all the new laws on disabilty discrimination!!

Were there any incidents?
I agree emma, I worked at a golf course years ago and one of the members had this, as long as people know and understand, I saw nothing but kindness and compassion for him...but ehm...I cannot speak for the priesthood...they could alway move him to another parish
Reverend Blair
I heard part of something about a welder with Tourette's on the radio the other day. I didn't hear the whole thing, but apparently some of his co-workers complained and the response was he was a good welder.

I was thinking about that. Every welding shop I've ever been in I just assumed that everybody there had Tourette's. "F***" is generally used as a comma in places like that. How did his co-workers even notice?
Ten Packs
Sounds like the Touttle's shop in "American Chopper".....
Reverend Blair
The father in that show looks my friend's dad. Same attitude too.

When I was sixteen I slept on the couch in their basement because the steering wheel had fallen off my car and I was far too drunk to walk home. I was so scared of his dad, I snuck out before anybody else woke up. Stumbling down McCarthy Blvd. with the grandaddy of all all hang-overs was preferable to facing my friend's old man.

I think about that grumpy old bastard every time I see American Chopper

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