best headlines of 2004

Crack found on governor"s daughter (imagine that)
is there a ring of debris around uranus?
Oh my god sparky, I see you have your last boyfriend as an avatar...You are one sick puppy...excuse while I roll around on the floor laughing where did you find that!!!

Your 2004 headline sucks!!!! here is a better one

If strike is not settled quickly, it may last awhile. (you think so)
Sparky what are you doing over there with your photoshop program, I am afraid to ask that question.
peapod do you like, what do you think?

Man are you sick!!!!!!! I love it!
Sister!!!, could you be my long lost sister, we do look somewhat the same. Could it be.......
Sparky I think its time I took you out of your cage for awhile...let do starbucks..the jesters will be arriving soon..lets see who can get there first.
Ok! 15 mins, leave a few Stud Muffins for me to flurt with, you floozy....
Sparky get rid of that avatar he is a little message for you.
Rick van Opbergen
WOW. Peapod posted a reply to sparky exactly 12 hours after sparky's last post. Just wanted to let you know.
Wow! I think its a sign? like in plup fiction the clock always having the same for sparky it took exactly one minute to loose her on the bike trail this morning, it should take her 12 hours to find her way home...maybe she will post 12 hours from this you may be on to something here Thanks

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