David Kelly/Huttion Inquiry: Revisited - murder not suicide

Causes of Dr Kelly's Death Thrown into Doubt by Top Forensic Toxicologists

The general consensus is, that in July 2003, overwhelmed by public pressure after allegedly voicing doubts to a BBC journalist about the British government's distortion of the truth in its attempt to make a case for war, MoD weapons advisor Dr David Kelly took his own life on Harrowdown Hill by slashing his left wrist and taking painkillers. But did he?


FLASHBACK: 'Kelly was Murdered' Says UK Intelligence Insider: MI5 and MI6 are 'extremely unhappy' that their "intelligence asset" was "taken out"

With apparent backing from the organisations whose members he claims to speak for, Michael Shrimpton, a UK national security lawyer with impeccable credentials presented their view that Dr Kelly had been murdered by a team of assassins and the charade of an apparent suicide was then played out to cover this up.

"Firstly I should make it clear that I have absolutely no negation that anybody in either of the British intelligence agencies, MI5, the Security Service, or MI6, The Secret Intelligence Service, being involved. On the contrary, my sources are telling me that both services are extremely unhappy. Now the indications are, now you understand I’m being cautious on air, but there indications pointing towards an involvement by the French external intelligence agency the DGSE or Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure.

No, again I’ve got to be obviously careful on air, but the indications are that the tasking for the assassination came from within the UK, but I can’t name any individual official or minister. The tasking was generated in the UK, went to Paris, was then OK’d in Paris, and on the information available to me, the operational agency for the assassination was DGSE. Now there are also indications, and I’m again, obviously Alex you appreciate I’m expressing myself with caution here, there are indications that DGSE, in order to false-flag the assassination, should their team be discovered, used Iraqi intelligence assets from the Iraqi Mukhabarat agency that were available in Damascus after the fall of Baghdad.

And I have one source suggesting that an Iraqi team, that’s to say an ex-Mukhabarat team, recruited in Damascus with the assistance of the Syrian intelligence operation, also the Mukhabarat, were flown into Corsica in the seven days prior to the assassination of David Kelly. Now the standard French practice when they carry out assassinations is to take their own team out. I am very doubtful that any of the people involved directly in the assassination of David Kelly are still alive. It would be highly unusual for the French to permit anyone involved in the assassination for them to survive."
I have to say that I'm missing something - what would be the ultimate purpose for the FRENCH to take him out?
They took him out at the request of someone in the British government.

Shimpton comments that a standard operation for intelligence agencies when taking out one of there own is they will generally use a sister agency in a sister country.

The French were happy to oblige.

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