Government offering pipes to crackheads

View Poll Results: Do you think taxpayers should protect crackheads by giving them pipes for everytime they want to get
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I was doing my daily reading of news from around the world and came across this story by the Canadian Press. This topic I'm including a poll. Do you think taxpayers should protect crackheads by giving them pipes for everytime they want to get high?

Keep in mind there's the risks of spreading HIV and other diseases.

Sun, August 29, 2004

No free pipes in Alta.

EDMONTON -- Crack addicts in Edmonton won't get access to free pipes like they do in Winnipeg unless government steps forward with extra cash, says the group that runs the city's needle exchange program. "Sure we'd do it, if we had the funding," said Marliss Taylor, program manager for the Edmonton's free needle program, Streetworks.

Crack use breaks down mucous membranes and dehydrates the addict, leading to cracked lips and mouth wounds that can offer hepatitis C, HIV and other killer diseases a route into the bloodstream.

Many crack addicts share pipes, increasing the chances of infection.

Health officials in Winnipeg recently started handing out infection control kits to crack addicts, which include glass crack pipes, matches and lip balm.

Taylor said a free pipe program wouldn't be difficult to set up in Edmonton -- there are medical supply companies that sell "harm-reduction" drug paraphernalia.
By the way, I vote No.

While we should be trying to prevent HIV from spreading throughout the population, I think there's always a risk of something when you're getting high on hardcore drugs such as crack.

Shouldn't we be putting more effort into STOPPING the drug users by passing legislation for longer jailtime and better cleanup programs than providing them with freaking pipes??!!
The thing about handing out needles and crack pipes to illicit drug addicts that has always bothered me is that there are folks out there who legitimately require needles in order to take doctor perscribed medication. These people need to pay for the needles, sharps disposal containers, and in some cases they must pay for the appropriate disposal of the full container. It seems counter-intuitive that the legitimate/ legal needle users must pay and the illigitimate/ illegal users are being given the supplies free.
i also say no...but i say yes to the thing that people are thinking of building government runned facilities where people can get high there to keep them off the street and all for that cuz a crackhead stole my bike...and that was the only day where i took my usual shortcut without my lucky knife...anyways it was my old bike and i was gona throw it off a cliff later on...
What I find ironic in all of this is that if it's illegal to possess and sell drugs why is it AOK for the government to hand out needles and pipes and give them shelter so they can shoot up. Oh sure they have counsellors and nurses available at the needle exchange or safe injection sites if you need them. But does anybody really believe that these addicts are going to take up their advise or read the pamphlets that are given to them? Shake your head people, they are there to get high and nothing else. The only thing that it is doing is taking the needle poking events off the streets and out of the back alleys. But after they are finished 'fixing' they head out onto the street.

Will they be offering free booze to alcoholics? Or a couple of free tokens to people suffering from gambling addictions too?

My hubby has been working at the DES (downtown east side) here in Vancouver for the last couple of months and he sees first hand up and close what is really happening. We have our illustrious provincial government handing out free 2 quarts of milk to people. Guess what? They don't have a fridge so they sell it for a buck. All of the treatment programs are offered all over town. These addicts have no way of getting there except of course if people like UndergradNITZ keep leaving their bike out for them to take.

I for one would like to see the Mental Health Act amended so that anybody caught under the influence of illicit drugs be required to stay in a detox centre until they are off the stuff. And I don't mean for them to show up on their own accord. We have prisons that have been shut down or had the population moved to accommodate the Boat People, we've also had several schools shut down and they could be used to help these people.

I mean let's face it, these people are not able to make good clear choices for themselves while addicted. We should be helping them get off the stuff, not do the stuff.

I've got 2 twin nephews who had their father die of an OD at the young age of 36. Anyone want to ask them if they think their father should have been given a free needle or a comfy place to shoot up?

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